David Teixeira Provides Insight on Career Development, Film and Girls Night

DecayMag.com David Teixeira Girls NightDavid Teixeira over the years has established his craft as a filmmaker and in 2017 delivered his initial entrant in Horror, Girls Night. Teixeira now sets his sights for the sequel and thus progressing in the genre.

Complementing his passion for Horror Teixeira devotes his time as a Content Contributor for DecayMag.
Teixeira’s Horror short, Girls Night will make its debut on October 31, 2017, Halloween! The date integrates not only the spirit of the holiday but the theme of the film.

The synopsis reads as follows;

“Girls Night” is a short horror film that takes place in Halloween. Three girlfriends stay home for a slumber party that goes bloody wrong. Literally.




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In our exclusive interview, Teixeira discusses his professional advancement as a filmmaker. He further delves into initiative and practices as a film critic. Teixeira presents a human context in his postures to career development, this is an interview not to be missed.

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1. Director

DecayMag.com David Teixeira Girls Night

DecayMag: What’s your goal as a filmmaker?

David Teixeira: I want to share my passion and vision for storytelling with others, to create a world that people can relate to and interact. I guess that’s the main goal for every filmmaker. To be heard. At first, I didn’t think about it, I wanted especially to do films for myself and sometimes it still feels that way but you have to think outside the box and share with others pieces of yourself. 

DecayMag: Girls Night Blends Slasher and Urban Legend themes if you could create a full feature from this short film what would the emphasis of the storyline be?

David Teixeira: Good question. Well, I’m attracted to both actually and Girls Night was supposedly a slasher with hints of urban legends. That was the main idea and I think it’ll be the same on a feature film.

DecayMag: You wore many hats in the production of Girls Night. Is this a move you wish you had not committed to will you find yourself being a one-man production again?

David Teixeira: I wanted to challenge myself. I had a bad experience back in 2012 when I was going to direct an earlier version for Girls Night with professional actors and crew and I didn’t feel like myself doing it at all, so I just quit and never look back. After that I spent two years where I didn’t write anything, I was feeling uninspired and I wasn’t having that much time for myself too so when I came back to Bordeaux, I started to talk with my cousin, recreating relationships, building confidence and I wanted to challenge myself.  Girls Night came through as a recreation of the short I should’ve done and I just did it.  I don’t know if I’ll keep doing everything all by myself but right now Girls Night 2 is definitely a solo follow-up so, for now, it’s still only me. I’m in talks for having some help on post-production but other than that the crew is the same.

….I wanted to say out loud that I can do it by myself.

….I’m very proud of it even though the limitations and I’m so happy because it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

DecayMag: This is a two-part question. The sequel to Girls Night is in production. Do you feel, depending on the attention it receives that a full feature will be a possibility?

David Teixeira: I’m so excited for the sequel… I’m really happy about the script and I can’t wait to start filming it. If it was an option or even a possibility, yeah It would be amazing. I’m definitely up for it! I don’t have that many connections out here but we’ll never know. I know that the story can be adapted and be explored so much more.

One of my goals is to write and direct a feature film for sure and if it’s Girls Night I won’t say no.

DecayMag: Follow up, Would you consider crowdfunding for a full feature of Girls Night

David Teixeira: Yes, definitely. I’ve done it before and now that I do have more connections online with people that are really happy and excited for the release of my short film it could be a possibility, yeah…

2. Content Contributor

DecayMag.com David Teixeira Girls Night

DecayMag: You’re currently serving as a content contributor for DecayMag. What was your motivation to steer into writing about the topics of Horror?

David Teixeira: Yes I am and it has been amazing so far. I’m happy I reached out and shared my passion for horror. Writing has been my passion for a long time and it was a win-win opportunity. I stumbled upon DecayMag when I started to send my short film for reviewing and I actually love how the website is formatted and I read a specific review that made me interested in applying for a job as a content contributor. It worked and now I’m able to learn every day with everyone and be a part of a great team and support.

Well, I’m actually working in sales in a store so the need of creativity is really necessary for my brain to work and for me as well to have a normal life and sustain myself and actually do what I love on my free time.

DecayMag: As a content contributor for DecayMag were what have you learned with critiquing/analyzing other people’s work?

David Teixeira: It was definitely hard at first and it still is every time. How to write, what to say, what not to say and I actually realized I had the power to write what I wanted if my arguments were valid with explanation or examples. I had a bit of an issue with a director once but other than that everything has been quite impressive and I’ve actually experienced crew and actors supporting a review I wrote where the final score isn’t the best one. So I guess it means they liked how I wrote.

It’s not easy to review a film that you don’t like at all when you know there’s a lot of potential involved, but it is an opinion so sometimes it can be hard to read or to appreciate.

I think everything goes with perspective. There’s a lot of ego in every work you do and the best is to be true to yourself and don’t regret what you said or wrote. How I write is always going to be from a filmmaker perspective. The cinematography, acting, and storytelling. That’s my main focus because that’s how I usually have a feeling for, but it doesn’t mean I can’t review a work or genre I don’t usually watch or like. It has happened before. I learned to be open-minded, respectful yet critical. It’s important to have an opinion and to express it but to know how to say it.

You do have an opinion and sometimes even if may hurt the people involved, it may be important to say it.

DecayMag: There’s a hidden trend with filmmakers choosing reviews that favor their films in a positive light over negative reviews. What is your opinion both as a filmmaker and a film critic on this subject?

David Teixeira: As a filmmaker, I can say that I don’t usually choose the reviews I get, but I do choose sections of them where the critic says something interesting or positive about my work or anyone involved in it. I think it’s a normal thing to do to create buzz around your film and it’s good for the ego and for everyone that worked their ass off to feel that they did good work. I do it for them so they can have a bit of hope as well and learn with my point of view, or not, it’s their free will. But since I do it that way the filmmaker can then extract something inspirational about it for them to do the marketing of the film. It really depends on the work and on the person really and how the critic is written. It can be a bad review but it can have something inspirational in it that can light express how the film actually is as a whole. How the filmmaker intends to portray his film it’s his choice but it’s definitely hard to have a bad review on a DVD cover. Unfortunately, it’s business after all.

As a film critic even if I write overall a piece for a lousy film I usually tend to go to the human side of it and tell why it didn’t work and what the filmmaker could have done.

DecayMag: As a film critic, what do you look for that makes a film memorable and genre defining?

David Teixeira: I’m usually attracted to slashers and films with powerful female leads. The first thing that really comes to my mind is the acting. As a filmmaker I love directing actors and one of the things people actually like in Girls Night is mostly the dialogues between the leads and, as you know by now, they aren’t actresses, so I think I do have a thing about that. I love working with people and making them comfortable and create a really easy-work environment. I think it’s important. If the actors feel good, then everything will run smoothly. On the other side, it’s hard to review because I need to have a critic approach to it from overall and not from a single aspect of it. So, yeah the acting would be the most important thing, then the cinematography and editing. It really touches with everything I do when I work as a filmmaker.

As a film critic, it’s very easy to get attached to a film when the acting is powerful and has a turning point where you feel captivated even though the rest is painful to watch.

3. Business

DecayMag.com David Teixeira Girls Night

DecayMag: What is your motivation to develop and achieve in the field of film production?

David Teixeira: I’m auto-producing right now, but I’d love to have an opportunity to develop a feature with enough money to be able to pay the cast and have a better equipment.

DecayMag: How do you define short-term goals with your developing career in film production?

David Teixeira: I hope that in 10 years I’ll have my own production company where I’ll have enough connections to be able to work in filmmaking on a full-time basis. Making what I want and desire or even helping others and sharing experiences is my main objective in life.

DecayMag: How do you deal with obstacles when chasing your dreams in film production?

David Teixeira: I deal with it the way I deal with everything in life. I go down but I come back up right after. I watch a lot of films and listen to a lot of music. Art is inspiring and it is an infinite road to happiness. I know what I’m worth, I fought to have back the power that I once had and I’m finally working on my connections and new relationships every day with people around the world so the better thing to do is to challenge yourself and learn to trust yourself no matter what.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few years and I’ve grown as well as a person and as a filmmaker.

DecayMag: Open platform, please share information on your upcoming release for Girls Night, social networking, and the sequel.

David Teixeira: Girls Night is premiering for the first time online on October 31st on my



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Girls Night 2 is coming in 2018, the script is now finished, locations have been chosen and cast and crew are ready! Filming is set to start early 2018, one year after Girls Night filming began. We are so excited for it and we can’t wait to share with you the work we put through with this fantastic new take on slasher and urban legends. Hope you enjoy my film.

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