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Ivan Djurovic, It Watches (Time stamp 02:57)

Ivan Djurovic stars and in the Horror, Thriller It Watches. Djurovic also co-wrote the film with the film’s director Dave Parker. In our exclusive interview, Djurovic shares insight on his debut into the Horror genre. Also explored is Djurovic’s journey as an actor. 

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Ivan Djurovic, It Watches

 Scott Frazelle, Moggy Creatures (Timestamp 41:50)

In the second segment delves on an upcoming production. Presented is an exclusive interview with Scott Frazelle. A crowdfunding campaign is set for 2017 for Frazelle’s Horror vision Moggy Creatures. The film is based on Frazelle’s Horror short story of the same name.

In our interview, Frazelle discusses the many elements on Moggy Creatures. Frazelle goes into detail on the cast and creative minds behind the creature concepts.

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Moggy Creatures Trailer Still

 Tom Taylor, Dale Schneck Masked Mutilator (Timestamp 86:55)

The final segment features an exclusive look at the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Masked Mutilator is a film that combines pro-wrestling with slasher Horror. 

On hand were an actor, stunt coordinator Tom Taylor and co-writer, producer Dale Schneck. Taylor and Schneck delved into the unique project and the need to complete the film.

Masked Mutilator is a film twenty years in the making. With eighty percent of the production complete the film never seen the light of day. All that is about to change. Taylor, Schneck along with key production team are aiming to complete Masked Mutilator. 

Along with some insight on the project, Taylor discussesses his campaign against the script. Taylor hopes to rescue the character he portrays from meeting a horrible demise.

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From L to R; Paul Sutt, Tom Taylor, Dale Schneck, Masked Mutiilator


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