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DecayMag Podcast episode eight closes 2016

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Timothy Vandenberg (Time stamp: 13 minutes 58 seconds) Timothy Vandenberg Agatha

On the 14th of December 2016, Timothy Vandenberg spoke with DecayMag on his film Agatha. Vandenberg served as Director for the terrifying Horror Short. In early 2017 a crowdfunding campaign will establish to fund a full-length feature to Agatha.

During the interview, Vandenberg discussed the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Also explored were the importance of maintaining creative control over the Agatha film project.

Agatha received critical acclaim within the Horror community. The short film served as a concept towards the launch of the crowdfunding platform.

Interviewer: Ken Artuz Founder, Editor for DecayMag

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Daniel Myrick (Time stamp: 52 minutes 04 seconds) Dan Myrick Skyman

DecayMag Horror News Podcast continues with an exclusive interview with Daniel Myrick. Held on the 20th of December 2016, Myrick discussed his project, Skyman.

Myrick offers robust experience in Horror, Science Fiction cinema. Myrick is notable for The Blair witch Project, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 and The Objective.

A crowdfunding campaign is in effect for Skyman, Myrick next project. The story centers on a man’s journey to document an extraterrestrial visitation. Myrick discussed the crowdfunding campaign and reasons using the platform. Also emphasized was the importance of maintaining creative control over the Skyman.

In the interview, Myrick offers his opinion on UFO’s and its impact on modern culture.

Interviewer: Ken Artuz Founder, Editor for DecayMag

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Sadie Katz (Time stamp: 82 minutes 17 seconds)

DecayMag continues extended coverage to the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for Moggy Creatures. Scott Frazelle penned the short story and is spearheading the upcoming creature feature.

Frazelle’s interview with DecayMag is featured on Podcast season two episode seven

Actress Sadie Katz talked Moggy Creatures as well as her latest release Blood Feast. The interview was held on the 22nd of December 2016.

Katz stars as Anna one of the central characters in Moggy Creatures on the concept trailer. During the interview, Katz reinforces importance for the horror community to fund the film. Explored are a great many highlights for Moggy Creatures.

Katz also provides a valued opinion on the crowdfunding platform. She finalizes her interview with Blood Feast, a gore-centric remake. The film has a slated release in the U.S. set for 2017.

Interviewer: Stacy Cox  Staff Correspondent

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