DecayMag Exclusives; Wild Women and Bornless Ones

DecayMag Horror News Podcast S3 EP1

Opening Topics; Movies

Season 3, episode 1 is our first podcast episode for 2017. Topics on cinema range between rumor and cemented deals. The podcast opens with a recent exclusive report on the reboot for Escape from New York. Our discussion continues with rumors of Gremlins 3 in development. The topics continue with the recent deal between Legendary and the Frank Herbert Estate. This deal grant film and television adaptations of the science fiction story, Dune.

The movie topics conclude with a brief analysis to the Ice Cream Truck Trailer.

Exclusive coverage for Wild Women of Planet Wongo. Wild Women of Planet Wongo


The concept for Wild Women of Planet Wongo is years in the making. Ben Budick, Steve Mackes, and Dave Ogrin developed The production. Wild Women of Planet Wongo took roots at the Univerity Of Michigan. The performances used a traditional musical format.

Thereafter, performances included neighboring Universities. A full production began at the Red Barn Theatre located in Key West Florida. After reconvening and restructure, The creative team transformed Wild Women of Planet Wongo. The production morphed into an immersive comedy musical. A limited one-month production unfolded at Brooklyn Fireproof located at Bushwick Brooklyn, NYC.

Wild Women of Planet Wongo soon found stability at Parkside Lounge. The address is 317 East Houston Street, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The production made its first weekend run on the 6th of January 2017. Shows take off (pun intended) every other weekend until the 18th of March 2017.

Ken and Enid Artuz of DecayMag were on hand for the 7:30 performance on Saturday the 7th of January 2017. Our coverage for Wild Women of Planet Wongo runs over twenty minutes. Included in our report is a brief interview with;

• Sarah Summerwell (Wongette)

• Howie Schaal (Louie LaFever)

• Amanda Nicholas (Queen Rita)

• Moriel Behar (Wongette/Dance Captain)

• Dave Ogrin  (Music, Producer)

The segment begins at the following time stamp; 25:47. Also included in our coverage is a recorded track from the production!

Access here for more information and to purchase ticket 

Special Thank you to Hayley Strichman, Christopher Longo, Dave Ogrin for introducing us to a wonderful production.

 Devin GoodSell; Actor, Producer For Bornless Ones Devin Goodsell

Devin Goodsell discusses his latest role in the upcoming Horror film Bornless Ones. Goodsell also served as producer on the project. Bornless Ones is scheduled to release on the 10th ofFebruary 2017. Goodsell reveals key details on the cast of demonic characters.

In Bornless Ones Devin Goodsell portrays Jesse. The character and his closest friends come under attack from demonic forces. In an homage to classic supernatural horror. Bornless Ones seeks to offer uniqueness with drama and gore.




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