DecayMag Podcast, Season 4, Episode 13: Exclusive Interviews Iqbal Ahmed, Paranormal Den, Safe Place Cast Roundtable

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In this week’s episode, we feature exclusive interviews with:

Iqbal Ahmed Director, Writer The Answer


Paranormal Den

Safe Place Cast Roundtable

This week’s podcast is our season finale. We’ll return in one week for Season 5

1. Opening Greetings (0:13:00)

Ken Artuz Host

Enid Artuz Co-Host

Stacy Cox Co-Host

3. Exclusive Interview Jason, Paranormal Den (29:21) Paranormal Den

Reference photographs from discussion pareidolia or paranormal?

4. Exclusive Interview Safe Place Cast Roundtable (65:00)

  • Rakeem Devonn Hunter (Actor) 
  • John Gettier (Actor, Officer Hunt) 
  • Nathaniel Matos (Actor, Tommy)

Timothy Noble Interview

DecayMag: What is your opinion on Nick Hunt’s commendable approach for including LGBT and persons with disabilities in his cast?

Timothy Noble: I think it’s awesome and very much needed. It’s time we break down these barriers of us vs them and realize we are all one people. Lgbt have talents. And so do people with disabilities. That’s all that should matter.

DecayMag: I definitely agree to that, and I have applauded Nick in his frequency to offer opportunities to all people. With recent horror films such as Hush and Don’t Breathe, persons with disabilities are placed not as helpless victims but strong characters. How do these roles connect with Safe place?


Timothy Noble: Good question haha. Well, one I freakin loved Don’t Breathe. Stephen Lang was incredible… and him having a background in Shakespeare really shines in his role in this movie. I think that when we show in Safe Place that like Don’t Breathe and Hush people of disabilities. It shows that despite their disabilities, the characters rise above it. It’s not a crutch.

I feel my character in Safe Place, as I dive into that, I hope to show that even though I can’t hear as well as normal people, I’m just as able to function and perform. The emotions will all be there.

DecayMag: We enjoyed Don’t Breathe as well. It was such a defining film and refreshing for the Horror scene. It was also a pretty creepy film as well. There was a few jump scare moments in it the film. Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. The directors what they’re doing nowadays with people with disabilities. Or at least, shining more spotlight on them, I should say. Don’t Breathe and Hush is prime examples of this. They are strong characters.

Timothy Noble: I agree.

DecayMag: With Safe Place being your debut in Horror do you, how do you define your role and how will it strengthen your pursue further in this genre?

Timothy Noble: Honestly, as I know this is a horror film, I’m not approaching this as a horror film as my mind isn’t thinking I’m in a horror movie. Even though it is. It’s a dramatic approach until the shit gets real. If that makes any sense. How it will strengthen my pursuit,

 I find horror helps actors expand their emotional range as the situation requires of us. And horrors really stretches it.  Seeing someone die horrifically, etc.

DecayMag: Researching on the web we came across a fascinating comment you wrote on an acting resource site: “….those who doubted me what I am capable of.” Do you feel your strive is for yourself or to combat doubters?

Timothy Noble: It’s what I’m good at, I’ve always been an actor. I’ve always been a performer. My disability doesn’t define me. Neither do their negativity. It used to… I took a long acting hiatus to figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life but… a movie… made me realize why I love acting and film. So I’m in the game
And I intend to win.

It’s both, I’ve doubted myself many times. But there are people who have physically told me that I wouldn’t be able to perform because of my ears. So… this is kind of a big fuck you to them.

DecayMag: Yes! A very big fuck you to the doubters. I am stoked that you don’t allow others and their remarks and judgments to stand in your way. Whatever is your passion, you have to go at it with full force.

Timothy Noble: Thank you.

DecayMag: What do you have in store for your next endeavor?

Timothy Noble: Before Safe Place, I’ll be working on a series called Transcend where I’ll be playing a mental patient/demon. That’s been my main focus for the coming weeks. There’s been a few auditions that I’ve submitted for but I’ve yet to hear anything. I have a film called Burnt Bridge which we just premiered a few weeks ago but it’s being submitted to local Florida festivals. So definitely looking forward to be a part of that.

DecayMag: Awesome! We look forward to seeing those and more from you. We are very excited for Safe Place as well. It goes without saying that there has been so much hype around this film that the excitement is at an all-time high.

Timothy Noble: It definitely is.

DecayMag: Are there any closing remarks you would like to add? Can you please share your social media and where fans can tune-in and keep up-to-date on all of your works?

Timothy Noble: I’m really excited to work alongside the cast and crew of Safe Place. Nick, the director is an amazing guy and I’m honored that he has selected me for this role. I really should keep up my Ffacebook actors page but It’s Timothy Noble. I frequent Instagram quite a bit, find me @nobletimothy. Sometimes I’m on Snapchat, same handle @nobletimothy.

DecayMag: Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us, Timothy. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. We definitely look forward to seeing more from you.

Timothy Noble: Thank you!

DecayaMag: Thank you all! This was a pleasure!

5. Outro (156:00)




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