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DecayMag Season 4 Episode 5: Details


In this week’s episode, we feature exclusive interviews with

Jeffrey Reddick, Writer; Dead Awake.

Edward LyonsDirector, C0-Writer; Alfred J. Hemlock.

Justin Jones, Producer; American Exorcism

Samantha Stewart, Actress; VooDoo

Ernest Farino, The Monster of Dread End

DecayMag Podcast S4 EP 5: Exclusive Interview Jeffrey Reddick, DEAD AWAKE. Edward Lyons, ALFRED J HEMLOCK. Justin Jones, AMERICAN EXORCISM, Samantha Stewart VOODOO. Ernest Farino, THE MONSTER OF DREAD END

1. MOVIE NEWS (Time 00:00)

Will Smith to star in Gemini Man

He-Man Movie gets Adaptation, 2019 release date

Resident Evil: Vendetta to release this year

Winchester, Helen Mirren added to cast

Chase Williamson to star in Greenlight

Bonnie Aarons to reprise her role in The Conjuring The Nun

Peter Herro directorial debut; WFT! to release August 1, 2017

2. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DEAD AWAKE                       (Time 49:54)

Jeffrey Reddick

Jeffrey Reddick is notable for his contribution to the Horror genre. Reddick has terrified the masses with The Final Destination Franchise. Now Reddick sets to incite new fears with his latest release Dead Awake. Slated for release on the 12th of May 2017 the film transverse into the realm of sleep paralysis. This is a ripe concept, one that has been rarely touched up.

In our exclusive interview, Reddick delves into the concept to his upcoming production. Also discussed were the protagonist and the antagonist both key players in the film.

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Edward Lyons

Edward Lyons made a splash in the Horror genre with his latest release. Earlier this month Alfred J. Hemlock debuted at the Bermuda International Film Festival. The film is an innovative concept that bridges creativity into one cohesive idea. Lyons directed and co-wrote Alfred J. Hemlock. In the interview, Lyons went in depth about this tribulations and successes. Also included is a comical segment on cockroaches. Don’t miss that part!

Lyons set aside time out of his early morning schedule grant or this exclusive interview. Fourteen hours separates New York City from Sydney, Australia.

We wish to extend our gratitude to Lyons for this wonderful interview opportunity.

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Justin Jones

The demonic possession theme gets revamped in the latest release American Exorcism. Justin Jones served as producer to the film that got its initial release earlier this month. The film may very well be the first of an upcoming franchise. Of course, this is opinion and speculation. Yet, in our exclusive interview, Jones does hint at the possibility of a sequel.
Jones also discusses the concept for American Exorcism as well as the performances contained within. 

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Samantha Stewart

Voodoo, is yet another indie Horror film getting rave reviews from critics and the community. DecayMag was one of the first Horror news platforms to have first reviewed the film. Yet, in our extended coverage we interviewed:

Voodoo director, writer, Tom Costabileactress Ruth Reynolds and we conclude our coverage with an exclusive interview with Samantha StewartStay tuned to hear what Stewart has to say about working in Horror films and the rigorous time on the set of Voodoo.

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6. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: THE MONSTER OF DREAD END Time  (170:09) Ernest Farino, John Stanley, Ed Robbins, Chris Ednmonds, Dell Comics. The Monster of Dread End

Ernest Farino

The Monster of Dread End is on Kickstarter! The project aims to bring back a nostalgic element to Horror cinema. Based on the popular comic book of the same title, the story tells of a creature responsible for the disappearance of local kids. Author John Stanley penned the story back when Horror was maturing in different entertainment mediums. Farino offers his experience in the field of visual effects to bring The Monster of Dread End to life.

Tune into the interview. Farino shares rich details on his kickstarter project including budget cost and concept.

Read the crowdfunding campaign for The Monster of Dread End Ernest Farino, John Stanley, Ed Robbins, Chris Ednmonds, Dell Comics. The Monster of Dread End Ernest Farino, John Stanley, Ed Robbins, Chris Ednmonds, Dell Comics. The Monster of Dread End Ernest Farino, John Stanley, Ed Robbins, Chris Ednmonds, Dell Comics. The Monster of Dread End


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