DecayMag Podcast S4 E7: 12 Monkeys S3, Exclusive Interviews James Clayton, Tom Hardy as Venom

DecayMag Podcast Season 4 Episode 7 Details

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In this week’s episode, we feature an exclusive interview with Actor James Clayton. Our featured topics for television is 12 Monkeys Season 3 Final Season. Our Featured movie topic is the announcement of Tom  Hardy as Venom.

1. Intro: (00:00)

Opening greetings

Host: Ken Artuz Founder, Editor DecayMag

Co-Host Enid Artuz Content Contributor DecayMag

Co-Host Stacy Cox Staff Correspondent DecayMag

2. Television

Fox cancels Scream Queens (01:18)

Ghosted on Fox (07:41)

Blumhouse To Launch The Purge on TV (13:40)

Featured Topic: 12 Monkeys Season 3 Discussion  (24:04)

3. Exclusive Interview James Clayton (33:39)

James stars in three feature films being released this year- CANDiLAND, Residue and Down the Line. In CANDiLAND, he plays the lead character of Peter. James lost 55 pounds for the role dropping from 185 lbs to 130 lbs in a span of just 8 weeks. The film is available now in North America on DVD, VOD, digitally, and will appear on Netflix later this year.

James is also the lead in Residue as private investigator Luke Harding who reads a book of sinister origins owned by a seedy crime lord Mr. Fairweather. The book is a much sought after supernatural artifact and Fairweather’s greatest rival, the enigmatic Mr. Lamont begins pursuit of Luke.

In the psychological thriller Down the Line, set to be released digitally in Canada this summer, James plays nine different lead characters. In this film, a struggling comedian wakes up trapped inside his mind and must fight alternate versions of himself to escape.

Press Release Excerpt

Follow Candiland and Residue across Social Media









4. Movies Tom Hardy Venom

George Romero’s Next Franchise Installment (65:50)

Leatherface October Release (74:36)

Dee Rees and Blumhouse Developing Horror Film (83:50)

John Goodman in Captive State (90:55)

Mortal Kombat Gets Reboot? (94:20)

Featured Topic: Tom Hardy Cast as Venom (100:25)

5. 5. Outro (106:30)


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