DecayMag Podcast, Season 5, Episode 4 Featuring Exclusive Interviews With PJ Starks, Victor Mathieu

DecayMag Podcast S5 EP 4 Details

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OverviewIn this week’s podcast episode, we feature exclusive interviews with:

• PJ Starks Producer for Volumes of Blood 2 

• Victor Mathieu Director, Co-Writer for The Monster Project.

1. Opening Greetings (0:13)

Ken Artuz, Host

Stacy Cox, Co-Host

2. Movie News

Pacific Rim: Uprising Release Delayed (01:36)

Ex Machina Follow-up Annihilation Release Date (09:59)

Todd McFarland Released Details on New Spawn (14:01)

3. Exclusive Interview: PJ Starks, Volumes Of Blood Horror Stories (22:24) P.J. Starks Volumes of Blood,

4. Exclusive Interview: Victor Mathieu, The Monster Project (55:44)

5. Movie Trailers

The Domicile (79:55)

Del Playa (88:20)

Death Wish (96:16)

6. Video Game Trailers

Resident Evil Revelations (108:56)

Halloween DLC for Dead by Daylight (118:07)

7. TV News

The X-Files Returns for Season 11 (128:38)

The Dark Towers Gets A Television Series  (133:18)

8. Outro (142: 37)



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