DecayMag Podcast S4 E9: Exclusive Interviews Marko Mäkilaakso, Karin Konoval

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In this week’s episode, we feature an exclusive interview with director Marko Mäkilaakso, Actress Karin Konoval

1. Opening greetings: (00:00)

2. Movies

Neill Blomkamp Debuts Oats Studios (01:52)

Sharnado (08:00)

Slenderman Production in Boston (17:00)

Inside Remake gets a trailer (29:22)

Godzilla Vs King Kong, Adam Wingard To Direct (36:02)

I Kill Giants (45:58)

3. Interview Marko Mäkilaakso (49:50)

Emma-awarded Marko Mäkilaakso is a feature film director, but he is also known for his work on music videos, TV commercials, TV- Series and internationally recognized and awarded short films. In 2011, the world premiere of his directional debut “War of the Dead” was held in Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

4. Interview Karin Konoval (83:58)

Karin Konoval has appeared in guest starring roles in numerous TV series and supporting lead roles in many feature films, including the role of “Maurice” (the orangutan) in

• Rise of the Planet of the Apes

• Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

• War for the Planet of the Apes.

She received a Philip Borsos Award for her lead role as “Mary Leonard” in the feature Cable Beach and has received numerous awards for her work in theatre, performing lead roles in contemporary classics and a wide range of musicals.

5. Trailer Reviews

5150 (97:23)

Darkness Rising (99:53)

Seoul Station (106:02)

Castlevania (110:59)

6. Television

Sense 8 Cancelled (115:30)

Shudder Original Series Content (120:40)

Friday The 13th On Tv? (124:08)

Channel Zero Season 3 Confirmed (129:45)

Tales from The Crypt Cancelled (133:28)

7. Outro (137)



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