Eric Huskisson Producer, Actor Talks Volumes Of Blood

Eric Huskisson served as Producer Eric Huskisson Volumes of Blood: Horror Storiesand Actor in Volumes of Blood and he also worked on the sequel. Released on August 11th, 2017 Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories takes Horror and carnage one step further.  The film had humble beginning and has now morphed as a popular contributor to the Horror genre.

The project is an anthology series, each story entwines into one cohesive theme. In our exclusive interview Eric Huskisson touched on several topics that focus on Career, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories and Film.

Thank you, Eric Huskisson, for taking the time out of your schedule to answer our questions. As a film maker myself, I was really excited to have the opportunity to do this interview.

Questions composed by David Texiera DecayMag Content Contributor

1. Career

DecayMag: I’m an avid horror fan, and I can imagine you are as well, were you already attracted to the genre from the beginning of your career?

Eric Huskisson: Yes, From an early age I remember my dad letting me stay up and watch old horror movies on Friday and Saturday nights. Can’t remember specifics about them other than just getting to stay up and watch them. I got really hooked on the genre in the 70s and early 80s. I really got into the F/X and how they made stuff look so real.

DecayMag: Please share insight on your passion for horror, in particular, which films still gives you the creeps?

Eric Huskisson: The Shining, The Exorcist, Sasquatch, Phantasm, Halloween, Magic, Salem’s Lot, The Amityville Horror, and Alien are a few movies that made me into a horror fan and give me the creeps still to this day. These movies can still stand the hair up on my back of my neck when I watch them. The intense stories, music, and F/X in films like these were all it took to make me the horror fan I am today.

John Carpenter films are still my go to horror movies to this day.

DecayMag: Two Part Question (A): Can you please tell us your experience in producing The Confession of Fred Krueger?

Eric Huskisson: After working with Nathan Milliner on the first Volumes of Blood film Nathan contacted a few of us from VOB to help with a new project. The Confession of Fred Krueger is a film he had wanted to shoot for a long time. He asked me to play a drunk who beats kids and pimps them out. I didn’t take offense that he thought I fit the role and graciously accepted. I also helped him with a lot of the props and location scouting.

It was a great experience for me because I got some producing experience and Nathan (Milliner) is a very talented director to watch.

DecayMag: Two Part Question (B): Were you expecting all the love and appreciation from fans?

Eric Huskisson: Prior to working on The Confession of Fred Krueger I had only worked on a short called lucky and Volume of Blood with PJ Starks. I had never worked on a fan film that would go directly to You Tube. I had no clue the movie would do as well on You Tube as it has. I think presently it’s over 260,000 views. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the first time I got to see the movie I was very pleased with how it turned out.

DecayMag: Do you prefer acting or producing or does it depend on the project?

Eric Huskisson:  I’m new at producing and have a lot to learn still. If there is a role I would like to play I would definitely try it but will be producing no matter what. With our new company Blood Moon Pictures producing will always come first but if there was a role I really wanted to play I would beg PJ to let me do it. I’ve been fortunate so far with being able to produce and act in our latest film Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories.

My true passion has always been to be an actor.

DecayMag: What are your main inspirations? Any horror icons that resonate as motivators?

Eric Huskisson: My main inspiration is fulfilling a lifelong dream. Now that the opportunity has come to me I’m taking every opportunity I can. I can’t imagine not doing it now.

I’ve always wanted to be involved with movies. Whether it was acting, F/X, lighting e.t.c. I can’t remember when I didn’t want this.

Halloween, The Thing, The Fog, They Live, Escape from New York, and Big Trouble in Little China, just to name a few. His movies captivate the audience in some way or another. The music, his visuals styles, or just some good humor right when you need it. His movies inspire me to try and captivate my audiences like he has me so many times.

John Carpenter inspires me because I think his movies are the kind of movies I would like to make.

2. Volumes of Blood

DecayMag: How did the idea of Volumes of Blood get its start?

Eric Huskisson: He (PJ Starks) was working with our public library on an educational series called Unscripted, he also created, that brought inspiring filmmakers together to showcase their films. It went so well the library director wanted him to go further with it. So, he took volunteers who had never made a movie and some with movie experience and put them together to make a short shot entirely at the library.

There were two teams competing on two different shorts. Once again it went so well, the director at the time, Jim Blanton wanted to do more. So PJ gave him the idea to shoot a feature film called Volumes of Blood using people wanting to learn film with those who had already had experience. Of course, this was a success as well.

I have to give all the credit to PJ Starks. The Volumes of Blood concept is all on him.

DecayMag: Were you invested on Volumes of Blood from the beginning?

Eric Huskisson: Yes, At this point PJ and I had worked on a few small projects together and worked a film festival or two together. I expressed to him that I would like to do as much on the film that he would let me do. He was doing so much he had to start letting me do things to take it off of him. We found we work well together and could trust the other one would get done what was needed. Because of scheduling conflicts, he asked me to play The Face in the film. I graciously accepted. I’ve always wanted to portray an evil doer like The Face.

As things progressed with pre-production he (PJ Starks) started relying on me more and more. I basically became his assistant with everything.

DecayMag: I imagine that having the opportunity of producing a film that you believe in and having the possibility of playing the big bad in it… well, it must have been a thrill, right?

Eric Huskisson: I can’t tell you what a thrill it’s been. We started Blood Moon Pictures in December 2015 and started filming VOB: Horror Stories soon after. When we set out to make Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories we knew we needed make a worthy sequel. I was so proud to have this be the first feature film I ever produced. I knew we had something special as I watched the production come together. It was great reprising my role as The Face in the sequel as well. I had some pretty cool kills in the sequel.

I never thought it would be getting all the rave reviews we’ve received though. I mean I’m very proud of it but the reviews have been unreal at times.

DecayMag: I was lucky enough to watch beforehand Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories and I freakin’ loved it. Great job all around. If you could choose one story on there without thinking which one would it be and why?

Eric Huskisson: Fear For Sinners Here. Visually it was a great film. The acting in it was spot on by both Julie Streble and Jessica Schroeder. Nathan Milliner did a great job writing and directing the sequence. I loved the story build up and the eerie twist at the end.

DecayMag: There’s a new sequel in the works… What information can you share at this point?

Eric Huskisson: Well, the new film is the last of the Volumes of Blood trilogy but not the end of VOB world. The new title is Demon Knight: Volume of Blood 3. We are working on getting the scripts finalized. Some are being written and some are in rewrite. We are also in talks with Petri Entertainment about partnering with us on Demon Knight. They made The Funhouse Massacre and are presently filming Camp Cold Brook. They are distributing VOB: Horror Stories under their Dark Cuts label.

We are set for pre-production in October of this year with hopes of distribution in late 2018.

3. Film

DecayMag: Do you believe sequels are good strategies with audiences?

Eric Huskisson: I would say as a whole, no. A lot of them fail to live up to their predecessor. There have been good ones like Aliens and some not so good like a lot of people didn’t care for Ghost Busters 2. I think most sequels are made because the first one made a lot of money. Volumes of Blood did better than expected and PJ had an idea for a sequel.  Not just to make a sequel but a better movie in every way we could. I think we succeeded at that.

We formed Blood Moon Pictures to become a legit company and made it our goal to make a better movie than the first.

DecayMag: Do you have any Horror projects coming up?

Eric Huskisson: The only thing I have lined up right now is Demon Knight. When everything gets in full production it will be all I can handle. Would love to work on other projects but right now I only have time for our upcoming project and other future projects under our company BMP.

DecayMag: As an indie filmmaker myself, I’m right now finishing writing the sequel for a horror short film I produced and directed last year, can you give me any tips on how to keep it fresh and still interesting?

Eric Huskisson: Keep true to yourself. Remember it was your vision and thought process that got you project to the screen. Figure out what really worked and what didn’t with the first. Only rewrite it to fit the parameters of what you have to work with. Locations, money, schedule e.t.c.

Focus on what worked and never compromise your story.

DecayMag: This question can be to anyone out there starting out on filmmaking… What ideas for Horror keeps the viewer invested nowadays?

Eric Huskisson:  I think that’s what helped Volume of Blood. A new killer that had never been seen and a film set in a library. Horror fans have seen every type of monster, killer, and plot twist there is. They are looking for that iconic Fred Krueger, Alien, or that new twist that makes their skin crawl. Take Final Destination for example. It was a fresh new story with people dying in crazy methodic ways. It got viewers vested and they couldn’t wait for the next one to come out.

I think being original and having a fresh idea is what you need these days to keep the viewer invested.


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