Girls Night Cast Offer Their Perspective on Acting

Girls Night, Horror Short directed and written by David Teixeira premiers This Halloween, October 31st, 2017



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Actresses Alice NazareLiliana Garcia, and Marina de Sousa make their acting debut with the Horror short Girls Night. In this interview Nazare, Garcia and de Sousa sum their experience in front of the camera. 

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DecayMag: How did you become a part of the Girls Night film production?

• Alice Nazare: David’s my cousin and I’ve known all my life his passion for cinema and especially in the horror genre. For some time now he told me a lot about his ideas and how he wanted to do and I motivated him and knowing he was all alone doing it without a budget I voluntarily asked if he wanted me in it. Then everything started to happen and two of my friends came along…

• Liliana Garcia: David’s a friend of mine, so everything just went naturally.

• Marina de Sousa: I’m a friend of David, he explained to us his passion of doing this with the three of us and I said yes.

DecayMag: What are your opinions on working on a Horror film, excited or hesitant?

• Alice Nazare: I’m not going to lie, I love watching films but I’m easily scared so I don’t watch that much horror. It was excitant though because I’ve never done it before and I had chills thinking about it.

• Liliana Garcia: Oh, so excited because it was my first time at all, it was challenging and I loved doing it. I’m a bit shy so I was only afraid of watching myself on screen.

• Marina de Sousa: Well, at first I was a bit hesitant only because I was anxious about seeing myself onscreen as well. It took some time to be able to tell myself that it’s only a project, I’m easily scared and I’m not a fan of horror films… David Teixeira Girls Night
(l to r) Alice Nazare, Liliana Garcia, Marina de Sousa

DecayMag: Do you find yourselves continuing an acting career into Horror films?

• Alice Nazare: I never thought I could act so watching the film, in the end, was unexpected but yeah, who knows, I’m really shy so I don’t think it could work.

• Liliana Garcia: Yes indeed we’re actually working on the sequel right now and I’m happy to share that’ll be scarier than the first…

• Marina de Sousa: Why not, I loved working on Girls Night but I don’t think I have all the qualities of being a good actress.

DecayMag: What did you learn from an acting point of view while working on Girls Night?

• Alice Nazare: I wasn’t really expecting anything from the beginning, it was a nice project and I wanted to help David out but the way it grew so fast it really makes me realize how much work goes behind it. I did learn how to act, I think but I mostly learned to cooperate and work together with David and even help him out on set and everything. It was hard but so rewarding, I thank him so much for letting me have this experience.

• Liliana Garcia: Well, it’s a lot of work actually, it takes time and patience, all the lighting and mise-en-scène, I wasn’t expecting all of that. A big round of applause to David who went there all the way all by himself and without a big budget.

• Marina de Sousa: I loved how everything works. I was really invested in seeing him work and telling me what to do and how to do it, it demands such a big time and commitment and I didn’t know that at all. I learned a bit of acting so I guess it can be in my favor in the future (laughs).

DecayMag: Now that you have a credit as an actress what is in your future in media?
• Alice Nazare: Maybe I will become a big star in Hollywood who knows? Ah, I’m joking… You know we’re just three normal girls, we’re friends since we were little. David is my cousin and I love him dearly and he really should have the dream. He deserves everything and I hope his work will be known and enjoyed.

• Liliana Garcia: For the moment the sequel for Girls Night.

• Marina de Sousa: I really don’t know, haven’t thought about it that much. We’re especially focused on releasing Girls Night online in Halloween and then we’ll begin shooting the sequel. It’ll be gorier and scarier. So never know… But I wanted to thank David, the director, for being so understanding and opening his world of filmmaking with us.


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