Hell Town, A Slasher Soap Opera Anthology Film? Why Not.

Hell Town Film Details 

Director(s)DecayMag.com Steve Balderson, and Elizabeth Spear Hell Town

Steve Balderson

Elizabeth Spear


Steve Balderson

Michael Page

Chris Pudlo

Elizabeth Spear

Release Date:  August 23rd, 2016

Release Format: Video On Demand

Genre: Horror Anthology 


Hell Town follows the melodramatic antics of high school seniors clashing over love, sex, and betrayal.  In the middle of all the everyday drama of one-sided infatuations, backstabbing bitchiness, bottled-up sexuality, sibling rivalry and general small-town angst, the Letter Jacket Killer is killing students in a variety of sadistic ways.  As the body count rises and the blood pools closer to home, it becomes clear that one of our main characters is the killer. Everyone, from the prom queen and shirtless jock to the nosey geek and the super bitch, are all suspects in the carnage.


DecayMag.com Steve Balderson, Elizabeth Spear's Hell TownBoth Slasher and Anthology films are timeless staples in the Horror genre. Each landscape continues to generate great interest among Horror enthusiasts. Hell Town is a creative indie production. The film ventures into uncharted territories with its artistic delivery. Hell Town is both a Slasher and an Anthology film. Yet, the end result is a spawn comedic in nature.

Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear directed uncanny elements that serve as good entertainment. Hell Town takes a different approach to delivering its content. If recollection serves correctly this is a unique film for its concept and approach. How can a Horror themed soap opera be presented as an anthological piece?

Segments from a Horror themed soap opera structure Hell Town. These arrangements act as part of a lost archive from the television series. It should be noted that the soap opera is titled Hell Town and presents the central theme. The incomparable Debbie Rochon stars as herself and serves as hostess for the film.


hell town_still_cHell Town surpasses expectations. From an artistic standpoint, the film excels with originality. The content presented is refreshing. Viewers will engage with laughs and intrigue.

Steve Balderson, Michael Page, Chris Pudlo and Elizabeth Spear penned a phenomenal script. The narrative offered is ludicrous. Yet, therein lies something that keeps viewers reserved. There is a lack of heart-pounding terror, a trait found with most slasher films. This, of course, is the proposed intent. Comedy drives, with Horror becoming the passenger in this creative vehicle. To that regard, blood and gore have a small contribution to the film.

The cast of characters is dysfunctional and quirky. The intended design mirrors outlandish qualities found in most soap opera presentations. Audiences are not expected to take any of these characters seriously. These fictitious entities are for entertainment purpose only. In fact, the individuals are disposable forms of amusement. Commercials are presented and are employed to emulate that daytime television viewing feel. Each segment elevates the outrageousness of the film. Debbie Rochon’s directorial debut Model Hunger is a clever addition to the slate of advertising.

DecayMag.com Steve Balderson, Elizabeth Spear's Hell TownIn Hell Town, most compelling is the portrayal offered within the film. The actors offer a B-movie quality to their designated roles. Under different production circumstances, the portrayals submitted would pose as amateurish. Either deliberate or not, the acting is a perfect fit with the film aesthetic.

Most Slasher films offer the added whodunnit approach to the narrative. In Hell Town, the audience is left to conclude the identity to the Letter Jacket Killer. Is Hell Town original and redefining? Unquestionably. The thought of merging Comedy and Horror into an anthological format is challenging. To integrate a soap opera now that seems ridiculous. Balderson and Spear crafted a film that will appeal to most audiences. The antics in Hell Town will either conjure a chuckle, a laugh or perhaps a “smack my head” reaction. The film is an escape from the spectacles of carnage within the Horror genre.


From a storyline perspective, logic seems too far-fetched. Local authorities are absent while murder victims begin to pile up. This observation is subjective. Hell Town is not intended to be a chronicle with serious tonality.

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