Justin Reinsilber Takes A Stroll Through Central Park In Our Exclusive Interview

DecayMag.com Justin Reinsilber Central Park
Justin Reinsilber, Director, Writer Central Park

Justin Reinsilber’s Latest film Central Park stands apart from typical slasher films. The premise captures aspects of headline news and combined it into the storyline. It’s not surprising the find true life stories and influences in Horror cinema. For Central Park, the slasher approach changes from the suburbs and mountainous backdrop to a metropolitan locale.

Reinsilber is an Actor, Producer, and Writer based in New York City. In fact, he lives in close proximity to the set location, Central Park. According to IMDb Central Park is his feature directorial debut.

Central Park made its debut at 2017 Dances with Film in Los Angeles, California earlier this month. News on a general release date and distributable platforms are forthcoming.

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Our exclusive interview covers a variety of topics. The first two encompass the production and concept for Central Park. Our questions conclude by examining Reinsilber’s forthcoming projects. Thank you, Mr. Reinsilber for answering our questions and congratulations on the World Premier at Dances With Films.

DecayMag.com Justin Reinsilber Central Park
With Guillermo Rafael, Justin Reinsilber, Justiin Davis and Melissa Chamberlain. Credit: Central Park Facebook Page

1. Production

DecayMag.com Justin Reinsilber Central Park

DecayMag: Central Park is one of the recent Horror film production developed in NYC. Is this a sign that NYC is now offering better incentives for local filmmakers?

Justin Reinsilber:

HI! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.

Well, first of all NYC is the best place to shoot, anywhere, ever. Very inspiring. Very cinematic.

I always wanted to shoot something here and am so happy that my I was able to shoot my first film here, very grateful for the opportunity to do so. Secondly, there is a great tax rebate/credit, between 30-35%. Thanks Made In NYC!

DecayMag: Where were some of the other locations Central Park was filmed?

Justin Reinsilber: 

We shot everywhere. From Washington Heights to downtown, the financial district, and everywhere in between. My partner Melissa Chamberlain has an apartment up in the heights, we shot there. I live across the street from the park, we shot there. There’s a great scene down at the Memorial Pools at the World Trade Center.

And I don’t know if it’s serendipity or a coincidence, but after we set up the shot and brought the actors in, we were shooting literally in front of the spot where my lead actors’ (the amazing Justiin Davis) cousin was memorialized.

His name was etched in the granite. It was an amazing moment, Melissa and I just looked at each other, there were no words.

DecayMag: What’s your opinion on the fiasco every mayor gets into with the Horses drawn carriage rides?

Justin Reinsilber: Wow. That was an unexpected question. Horses are my favorite animal. I think the carriage operators treat the horses well but I can see the argument from the other side as well. I just started cracking up because I realized that was a very political answer. I think I’ll leave it up to the mayor to figure it out.

2. Concept

DecayMag.com Justin Reinsilber Central Park

DecayMag: Central Park ties with Headline grabbing social commentary. In the end What is one of the messages Conveyed?

Justin Reinsilber: 

Greed often shows up in the most unexpected places. We still haven’t seen the full effects of unchecked greed.

I wanted to explore the different manifestations of greed.

Sometimes it’s not what you think, and it isn’t always about money. It’s certainly one of the great villains of our era.

DecayMag: What is the idea behind the concept design, (in particular the mask) for the antagonist?

Justin Reinsilber:  

 I had the basic idea on paper. Talked about it constantly and went back and forth with my partner, Melissa. Once we started pre-production, it became a collaborative effort and I brought in the whole team. Production designer, Ramsey Scott, Annie Simon from wardrobe, and Ashley Thomas from hair and makeup.

When I wrote the script, I wanted that character to be masked in some way. Not necessarily a literal mask, but something.

DecayMag: For the antagonist, what was the drive in executing his revenge in brutal fashion rather than using finesse?

Justin Reinsilber:  

He snaps. He went to bed on Wednesday with a 100 million in the bank and woke up on Thursday with nothing. His pregnant wife kills herself.

He sets out to inflict as much pain as possible, as fast as possible.

Goes with his gut, his instinct, his viciousness. I drop clues throughout the movie and the ideas are part of the overall story. Much more about that in the sequel!

DecayMag: Central Park does break the mold by establishing an African American protagonist and antagonist. Please shed some insight on this creative direction.

Justin Reinsilber:  

It was important to me to tell this story that way. I wanted to play against every stereotype possible because it’s more interesting and ultimately more real. I wanted to tell the most honest story I could.

There aren’t a lot of positive images out there with successful African-Americans, and I wanted to explore and portray that, because it’s not accurate, not in my experience or in the real world.

My partner Melissa shares the same feelings about the subject as I do, and I think that was one of the elements that initially attracted her to the script and my vision.
DecayMag: What is the story behind the gruff figure leaving the park in Act III?

Justin Reinsilber:  

Well, The Man is the antithesis of what goes on outside the park, in the real world. I wanted to leave it open; the story goes on. It’s as significant as him entering the park as it is when he decides to leave. I wrote this as a trilogy and the intersectionality of the world of ‘Central Park, is heavily mapped out.

3. Career

DecayMag.com Justin Reinsilber Central Park

DecayMag: What is next for The Central Park storyline?

Justin Reinsilber:  

You’re just going to have to wait for that one. A lot of what happens in Central Park lays the foundation for what follows.

DecayMag: What is next in your career for Horror and Thriller concepts?

Justin Reinsilber:  

I LOVE the genre and have a few scripts at the ready that range from small to big to slasher to zombies. The horror genre really welcomes and encourages creativity in a way that isn’t embraced by other genres. People are willing to believe more and that’s real freedom as a creator. And I want to make an erotic thriller.

The crossroads where sex and death meet is a rich landscape. I mean isn’t that what it’s all about? And of course the next chapter in Central Park…