Lace Crater:  Film Analysis

Lace Crater Film Harrison Atkins Lace Crater

Director: Harrison Atkins
Writer: Harrison Atkins

Release Date: July 29, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Horror Sub-Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy


A woman encounters a strange presence in a guest house.

Overview Harrison Atkins Lace Crater

Harrison Atkin’s Lace Crater is every kind of weird you can imagine. But it’s a good weird.

An encounter is not all that happens in this guest house. A group of friends heads off to a vacation house for a night of partying, fun, and relaxation. Ruth, a distraught woman, had recently got out of a relationship, and moving on and coping with the break-up has been pretty tough on her. But, she has developed a recent crush on Andrew, who seems to be very sympathetic, and understanding of her.

During this intimate exploratory night of drugs, fun, and conversation, Ruth encounters Michael, a mysterious man her age, whose oddly wrapped in cloth from head to toe. Even his face is covered. He’s been hiding in the home for a while, but Ruth is the first one to see him, as he has an invisible presence.

Michael has a strange story. Ruth takes sympathy upon him and becomes oddly aroused by him. She seduces him, turning into one weird night of passion and intimacy. The next morning, Ruth begins becoming increasingly sick that goes far beyond the common cold or the flu. She gets tests ran with her doctor, which predicts that she has an uncommon sexually transmitted disease.

As I watched Lace Crater, I get a strange sense of familiarity with Eric England’s Contracted. A woman meets a man in a club, has a one night stand with him, only to have contracted some kind of sexually transmitted disease from him. Only, this was more than an STD. She was slowly turning into a zombie.

When Ruth met Michael in the guest house, he was in his afterlife. It’s amazing she was able to touch him, let alone involve with physical intimacy with him. Now, after a night of unprotected sex, Ruth is becoming victim to what Michael is a victim of. What’s also weird is that when Ruth questioned Michael about her sickness, he claims she is the first woman to have ever been intimate with. Harrison Atkins Lace Crater


Lace Crater has a lot of similarities to Contracted. These films question the morality of sex, and the concept of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s already enough you have to worry about the more common diseases, but now you have to worry about being converted into the non-living.

This is a terrifying psychological nightmare that doesn’t get enough credit. Especially being that this concept is fairly new to Horror cinema. Contracted being released in 2013, and Lace Crater, just newly released. As far as I am aware, no director or filmmaker has touched this territory before now, and this brand new concept distinguishes itself into its own distinct genre.

The scare factor in Lace Crater is not a “jump out of your seat” scare. It’s more of a psychological terror. Of course, common sense tells us that zombies and ghosts are not real, and it’s all fiction. But just the whole concept that something so common and natural can lead to such deadly consequences is terrifying.

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