Lou Lou Safran Discusses Horror Films and Annabelle

Lou Lou Safran Exclusive Interview

Safran stars in the upcoming horror film Annabelle: Creation. As most in the Horror community are aware the film is the second entry in the franchise. Annabelle also stems as a spin-off from The Conjuring film franchise.

in Annabelle: Creation Safran stars as Tierney, one of the orphans under attack by the demonic possessed doll. The film releases this August across cinemas Nationwide.

Thank you, Lou Lou Safran, for your time in answering our questions. Best of luck in your endeavors.

DecayMag.com Aannabelle: Creation Lou Lou Safran
Lou Lou Safran, Photographer Igor Drozdowski

DecayMag- Annabelle: Creation most young adults would be afraid to watch the film yet you’re starring in it. What got you interested in starring in this film?

Lou Lou Safran-  I love the idea of an evil doll so when I heard that there was a part for a girl my age in the movie prequel to Annabelle I knew I had to try out for it. I also secretly hoped that if I saw how all the scary movie magic happened behind the scenes it would terrify me less on screen. We’ll see on August 7th..

I have a love-hate relationship with supernatural thrillers in that they terrify and fascinate me at the same time.

DecayMag.com Aannabelle: Creation Lou Lou SafranDecayMag- After your first experience starring in a Horror Film do you think you’d play a role in this type of film again?

Lou Lou Safran- Absolutely! Making this movie was the most fascinating experience. From the brilliantly authentic set that looked like the creepiest old farmhouse, the vintage costumes, my awesome cast and David Sandberg our incredible director, the whole thing was a dream. And then we got to scream and run on the set – it was our job in many of the scenes, but in some even knowing what would happen, we would still get spooked for real and run for dear life. Loved every minute of it.

DecayMag- You portray one of seven orphans featured in Annabelle: Creation. How do you best describe this character?

Lou Lou Safran- I play Tierney who is one of the two youngest girls in the group. Being an orphan binds us all together and by the time you meet us in the film, we have all formed a little family. The dramatic events that are about to unfold will get us even closer together. Tierney is sweet, funny and playful, but she gets tough fast when she and her friends are in danger and things start going horribly wrong.

DecayMag- What techniques do you use to get yourself prepared for the more scarier scenes in Annabelle: Creation?

Lou Lou Safran- I always first start with creating my character’s back story to find out what makes her tick and act the way she does in the story. I go over all the information given in the screenplay and make up the rest, all of the events and people in the past that got my character to where she is. I love imagining things so I really like this part.

If you’ve done your work you can let your instinct take over and of course count on your director to help you through any rough parts.

Sometimes the audience doesn’t learn much about a character’s past, but it makes her real for me and makes my work better, so I think it matters for the audience too in the end. The rest just happens. I become the girl of the story and let the behavior be as natural as possible. You never pretend anything or try to force what you think would be authentic.

DecayMag- For a young adult your schedule must be hectic between family, roles, and studies. How do you do it?

Lou Lou Safran-  So luckily my parents help me balance this part. They make sure I do my homework, take care of my turtles, cats and dog and other responsibilities. I go to Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, a really amazing school and very helpful and understanding when I have to travel for long periods of time for work.

If it was up to me I’d never go to school and spend every day on set.

I have plenty of good friends to remind me what’s important and family who keep me grounded. And there is music. I am obsessed with it, I listen to it all the time and I am always playing either the piano or my ukulele. I am an Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadows Puppet fanatic so that keeps me from obsessing about acting too.

DecayMag.com Aannabelle: Creation Lou Lou Safran
Lou Lou Safran, Photographer Igor Drozdowski

DecayMag- Please share details and your involvement in the charities you support, Animal Tracks and Project Angel Food.

Lou Lou Safran- With pleasure! There are three incredible organizations who make a huge impact in the LA area that I am closely working with now:

• Animal Tracks, who rehabilitate wildlife and educate the public through tours and animal visits.

• Project Angel Food, which brings food and love to those who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves

• A Sense of Home – a project that essentially creates homes for youth who aged out of the foster system. We help build a sense of community around them.

We show up on weekends with a truck full of furniture and get to work. It’s very hands on which I love and we tell stories, sing songs and bond afterward. The other day I was helping assemble an IKEA bed and it was the most complicated thing, but we had so much fun doing it together!


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