Robert Hamilton Director, Co-Writer Talks The Suffering

Robert Hamilton is an emerging Director, Producer, and Writer. Hamilton is making an impact on the Horror scene.  His second feature film,  The Suffering completed film festival circulation under much acclaim. The film premiered at the Skyway Film Festival in 2015 and took home the Audience Award. The Suffering also screened at the Culver City Film Festival in December 2015.

Filmed on a limited budget, The Suffering offers a complete package of visual excellence.  The film visits concepts of the supernatural. Yet, therein lies a personal tone of human drama and redemption. After months of hard work between Hamilton and the cast and crew, The Suffering released on the 2nd of August 2016.

The film is a distribution of Breaking Glass Pictures.

The synopsis for The Suffering reads as follows:

A man fights for his sanity when he finds himself trapped on a rural farm inhabited by sinister beings overseen by a mysterious caretaker. reviewed the film before it’s release. Readers may access our thoughts on the film by visiting the link below.

Suffering Excels in Psychological Horror -Film Review

Robert Hamilton spoke with Founder, Editor, Ken Artuz in a phone interview. Hamilton discussed his latest film and shared some behind the scenes insight. Without hinting on plot reveals, Hamilton  provided interesting views on the concept for The Suffering. Also presented is a revealing look on craigslist.  Listeners might want to tune in to hear how this outlet became a source of reliability. Hamilton explains how craigslist became a useful tool towards the project. Go figure.

That is truly not all. Robert Hamilton gives an exclusive look into his upcoming Horror Thriller! This exciting interview occurred Monday the 18th of July 2016.

To order The Suffering visit The Breaking Glass Pictures Official Website. The Suffering will be available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Playstation, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, Blockbuster, and cable on demand.

From all of us of Robert Hamilton, we extend our best wishes. Thank you for your time.


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