DecayMag Podcast S4 E8: Exclusive Interviews Tracey Birdsall, Petra Bryant, Ed Marx

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1. Overview

In this week’s episode, we feature an exclusive interview with Actress Tracey Birdsall, Actress Petra Bryant, EditorEd Marx

2. Intro: (00:00)

Opening greetings

Host: Ken Artuz Founder, Editor DecayMag

Co-Host Stacy Cox Staff Correspondent DecayMag

3. Trailer Reviews

Berlin Syndrome

Redwood Trailer

Tonight She Comes

Featured Topic Wyrmwood: Trailer Review for Wyrmwood: Chronicles Of The Dead

4. Exclusive Interview; Tracey Birdsall (20: 45)

Tracey Birdsall, known for her varied work across television and film with highlights including Loving and Dawn of the Crescent Moon, plays the lead, a rebellious robot-fighting arms dealer named Sienna that lives on a post-apocalyptic Earth. When the cities start to fall under the control of the A.I. Scourge, a hyper-weaponized robot army, Sienna decides to leave the Earth and journey to the center of the galaxy, seeking a mythical weapon that can neutralize any form of A.I. Pursued by giant machines, Sienna loses everything she cares about in an effort to save the last vestiges of humanity in an A.I. controlled galaxy.

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5. Exclusive Interview; Petra Bryant (45:00)

Petra Bryant is a Czech born English speaking actress who splits her time between USA and London. She is an extremely versatile actress with roles that cover the full spectrum of genres including horror, sci-fi, comedy, drama, and romance. Her credits also include writing, producing, and directing.

Her many film credits include the British film Heretiks, The Disappearance of Lenka Wood,  The Spiritualist. Petra is known for playing a UFO scientist named Lyra in the sci-fi thriller Abduct.The film will be available on AmazonUSA from May 22nd with a worldwide release on DVD/Blu-Ray soon thereafter.

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6. Exclusive Interview; Ed Marx (96:06) Ed Marx

Ed Marx is known for his years of editing work within Horror cinema. Marx has worked on notable films including; Jeepers Creepers I and II, Frozen and Hatchet II and III. His latest work is the Death Camp directed by Robert J. Locke, written by Lisa Marie Brennan. Death Camp

7. Closing



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