Stan Yan Comic Book Writer, Illustrator -Exclusive Interview


    Stan Yan Discusses Zombies, Art and More Zombies

    Stan Tan, Comic Book Artist Turns Horror into Children’s Book

    Stan Yan is a Denver-based writer, illustrator, and instructor. Yan possesses years of experience in the comic book field. When he is not working on his next comic book you may find Yan nestled somewhere at a comic convention floor. He would spend his time at these events transforming patrons into grotesque zombie caricatures. He also provides an option to become a magical little pony as well, you’d just have to ask. Stan Yan's There's a Zombie in the Basement

    Yan’s work can is on Instagram and on his official website. Over the years Yan delivered unique comic book titles. His credits include; The Wang, SubCulture, Show Devils, and Vincent Price Presents. In his latest project, Yan would venture down a different creative path. The project became a personal mission. Inspired by his son’s fear towards his artwork, Yan made it a priority to get his next book published.

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    Months of crafting went into the development of There’s a Zombie in the Basement. In 2015 crowdfunding campaign had launched. Eighty-eight people donated a total of three thousand seven hundred seventy-eight dollars ($3,778). The donations went toward bringing Yan’s project to life. Stan Yan's There's a Zombie in the Basement

    There’s a Zombie in the Basement is a children’s book that delves into Horror. Blood ad gore is absent from the pages contained within. The illustrations and story presented will cater to people of all ages.

    Ken Artuz Founder, Editor for spoke with Stan Yan. The interview took place on Wednesday the 17th of August 2016. Yan went in-depth on his career as a comic book artist. He also shares his appreciation towards the zombie genre. Take a moment to listen to the interview via the video embedded above.

    For more information or to purchase There’s a Zombie in the Basement Stan Yan's There's a Zombie in the Basement


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