Suffering, The. is a Path Robert Hamilton, Marco V. Scola The Sufferingto Redemption

Suffering, The Film Details 

Director: Robert Hamilton

Writer: Robert Hamilton, Marco V. Scola

Release Date: 2nd, August 2016

Release Format: On Demand, and DVD 

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


A man fights for his sanity when he finds himself trapped on a rural farm inhabited by sinister beings overseen by a mysterious caretaker.

Overview: Robert Hamilton, Marco V. Scola The SufferingThe Suffering is not a film adaptation of the 2004 video game of the same title. This 2016 movie release is a distinct idea unto itself. Yet, therein lies a connection between these two unrelated projects. The parallel extends with the approach of monsters. The creatures are not from otherworld dimensions or hellish domains. Monsters presented in these mediums have an intimate origin and surpasses terror. These are monsters within ourselves.

Robert Hamilton served as the director to The Suffering. Hamilton also co-wrote the script with Marco V. Scola. IMDB identifies the film as a Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Yet, it is difficult to assign a particular genre for this production.

Of course, in the film apparitions are abounding. Robert Hamilton, Marco V. Scola The SufferingFright finds its mark with the occasional visual cue. Elements of tension convey with profound expositions. These characteristics do sway a presentation into one category or another. Yet, there is the rare occasion that a film excels across the board.

To that extent, The Suffering taps into a psychological approach to its storytelling. Most of the phantasms projected are renderings of tortured souls. These manifestations serve as metaphors for internal human conflicts, emotional conflicts. Robert Hamilton, Marco V. Scola The SufferingPros:

The Suffering is a remarkable film. Horror enthusiasts and cinephiles alike will appreciate the creative direction employed on this production. As a viewer, attention is to be reserve from the opening frame. Hamilton and Scola designed a screenplay with key elements infused into every scene. This is a sign of great writing structure. It’s unfortunate that most films become diluted with elaborate special effects. That is not the case with The Suffering.

On the topic of effects, The Suffering showcases some impressive practical effects. The designs although subtle were augment with amazing lighting and camera work. The Suffering delivers with a refreshing source of thought-provoking material.

The characters were well developed and evolved with the story progression. This holds true with the central character, Henry Dawles. The acting is executed with excellence. There are no qualms over the on-screen interactions. The dialogue was eloquent and delivered with authentic demeanor.


The Suffering is a production of a rare instance. The production is well developed and offers nothing to contradict its artistic value.

The Suffering has a scheduled release date of the 2nd of August 2016.

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