Torey Haas, The Neon Dead Creator-Exclusive Interview


    Torey Haas, Creator The Neon Dead Exclusive Interview

    Torey Haas is an accomplished visual effects artist. Haas has worked on the many facets of film production Over the course of his career. Using his well-rounded experience Haas undertook the role of a film director. The Neon Dead became his first entry in the Horror genre. Yet, Haas is not stopping there. The long time horror enthusiast promises to offer more entries in the years to come.

    On the 22nd of August 2016, Stacy Cox, DecayMag Staff Correspondent interviewed Torey Haas. Tune into the embedded video posted above. Haas provides insight on The Neon Dead. Also offered is his many influences that led him to his present status as a filmmaker.

    Haas shares his favorite horror films. He also delves into the reason he became a visual effects artist. Stay tuned to this rising filmmaker. In his latest film, The Neon Demon Haas offers a blend of comedy and horror. With his next film, things will take a darker turn. For more information on Haas’ upcoming projects tune into the video!

    The synopsis to The Neon Dead reads as follows:

    An unemployed recent college grad hires two freelance paranormal exterminators to combat a monster infestation in her new home.

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    Wild Eye Releasing will unveil The Neon Dead Nationwide on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016. The DVD release will be available for $19.95. The film will also be available via Video on Demand streaming platforms.


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