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William Kaufman Discusses Daylight’s End

William Kaufman is a Director, Writer, Producer with over ten years of experience in the film industry. Beginning within special effects Kaufman would steer his attention to feature film production. Kaufman was known for scenes of intense action crafted through his lens. 

DecayMag.com William Kaufman Chad Law Daylight's EndIn his latest production, Kaufman ventures to an untapped genre, horror. “Daylight’s End” is an action-infused film with horror undertones. 

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William Kaufman answered my questions in regards to his latest release “Daylight’s End”. Featured below are some insight on the film and keys to it’s successful production. I extend a gracious thank you to William Kaufman for participating in our online interview.


DecayMag.com; According to IMDB you’ve directed a franchise installment but never a full franchise. Given how DayIight’s End was written could this film be the first part to many?

William Kaufman;

The team and I’ve talked extensively about this, we’d love to make it happen. It all rests on the success of this film as a result of the massive pirating/illegal downloading of the original film. We’d love a chance to continue telling the story of Rourke in the apocalypse.

DecayMag.com; You’re known for creating intense action sequences, and Daylight’s End offers these visuals. What is the planning that that goes behind putting these scenes together?

William Kaufman;

It’s all about the work put into prepping, casting and the action team that I collaborate with. With actors with the skill sets I have on this film Johnny Strong, a legit real deal shooter, Sonny Pusikas, a former Russian commando and tactical advisor extraordinaire and Ed Spila, 30 years DPD, SWAT operator and current team leader of his special CRT high-risk warrant squad.

a host of other bad asses involved in filming it sure makes my job a lot easier.

That along with stunt coordinators and stunt team members like Clayton Barber, Ron Balicki, Freddie Pool, Troy Miller that really seals the deal in my opinion that makes the action as brutal and impactful as I think the film is.

DecayMag.com; Is Daylight’s End your first Action/Horror themed film?

William Kaufman;

I would say yes but I did mine some of that same territory in my debut feature The Prodigy. That said The Prodigy was more of a crime/action film with horror devices peppered in. I loved working on Daylight’s End above all though. Really had a blast creating the world and the fan base for this genre is as good as it gets.

DecayMag.com; Two Part question: A couple of films come to mind when I viewed Daylight’s End and audiences may also share that opinion.

  1. How was the idea of this film pitched?
  2. Are other influences in the Daylight’s end based on the sci-fi horror genre.

William Kaufman;

The original idea was actual born out of an early draft of my creative partner, screenwriter Chad Law’s script of the same name that was a finalist in season 3 of the tv show Project Greenlight… It’s was a very cool vampire tale of survival.

I’ve always had an affinity for the apocalyptic genre when it is done well….

After we considered the locations we had available and after we put our heads together the current script came to life. As for influence that impacted Daylight’s End, I’ve never made any illusions to the fact we weren’t influenced by several great films.

From the get go I’ve described it as a love letter to my youth… It’s definitely a blend of some of our favorite movies like the Road Warrior, John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 and Richard Matheson’s world of I Am Legend with some Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later thrown in for good measure.

As Chad has said, “It was never about reinventing the wheel, but just about trying to make sure we were spinning the wheel well.” With that said I still feel that we have very much done our own take on those influences with this film.

DecayMag.com; The visuals were amazing and two elements that boosted that experience was the set designs and costumes. Can you enlighten us on the creative minds behind these works

William Kaufman;

100% it’s the team that made this film what it is.

Thank you so much. That is overwhelmingly due to the great collaboration between the cinematographer Kelly Riemenschneider, Production Designer Eileen Dennehy and costume designer Stephen Chudej and Johnny Strong who literally created his character’s look and gear.

DecayMag; Two Part Question, In daylight’s end the main character is a true form tough guy. Given that in today’s market women are now put in these roles.

  1. What are your thoughts if the lead was a woman?
  2. What actress or athlete do you think can fill the lead in Daylight’s End ?

William Kaufman;

I’m not opposed to casting women in strong women. Aliens is one of my favorites of all time.

I think that without question there were some very strong female character’s in this film. Our ladies were defiantly not your typical damsels in distress.

Sam’s and Ernesta’s ability to stand shoulder to shoulder the the boys and pull the trigger when needed clearly contributed to EVERYONE’S survival. That said if you’re asking who else I’d have cast in the film, I honestly can say that I can’t imagine anyone else (male or female) filling Johnny’s shoes in this film. This character was tailor-made for him.

DecayMag.com; Where was daylight’s end filmed and how long was principal photography.

William Kaufman;

The film was shot in Dallas and points all along the famed Route 66, ranging from the west Texas town of GlenRio (pop. 3), Mineral Wells outside Fort Worth, to all the way out east in Tyler Texas. We filmed for roughly a month.

DecayMag.com; The cast offered a layer of experience to the project. Can you share some insight on the chemistry both on and off screen with the cast

William Kaufman;

A dynamic that could have easily divided people but that actually pulled this cast together on and off screen.

This was one of the best ensemble cast I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. Working in the brutal environment of August in Texas in a unairconditioned building, with temperatures easily the passing the 100 degree mark, definitely added an entirely different dynamic.

They all worked their collective tails off to support one another and deliver the film we have now. I’m super proud of them!

DecayMag.com; Daylight’s end is on the market, please share where audiences can buy or watch the film.

William Kaufman;

Daylight’s End is just wrapping up it’s limited theatrical run and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Direct TV and almost all other video on demand outlets and will be released on DVD in early November.


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