10 Cloverfield Lane Lacks Direction and Kiaju

10 Cloverfield Lane Film details

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Writer:  Josh CampbellMatthew StueckenDamien Chazelle

Release Date: 11th of March 2016

Release Format: Theatrical 

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Monsters come in many forms.

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Film Overview:

IMDB.com classifies “10 Cloverfield Lane” as a Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi. This is an erroneous description that merits immediate rectification. This latest installment to the “Cloverfield” mythos fails to transverse within the Sci-Fi landscape. In reality this film is best described as a psychological Thriller. The threat of Aliens creatures, or monstrous Kaiju receive minuscule attention in “10 Cloverfield Lane”.

Upon its release the trailer to “10 Cloverfield Lane” garnered immediate attention. Questions began to surface in the midst of excitement and anticipation. How would “10 Cloverfield Lane” correspond with the 2008 release “Cloverfield”? Will this installment provide a solid foundation for an ongoing  franchise? Below are YouTube comments that compartmentalize the growing voice among the “Cloverfield” fan base.

With”Cloverfield”, Director Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard created a well crafted genre-defining medium. Offered is a blend of found footage film making with rich Sci-Fi elements. “10 Cloverfield Lane” disenchants with its lack of creative direction. Despite the influential names attached, this film lacks execution and delivery. Cons outweigh the pros with severe prejudice.

Potential audience take note: “10 Cloverfield Lane” stagnates within a a claustrophobic setting. The final minutes to act three provide the only Sci-Fi inspired Action sequence. The film is a performance marred with a clichéd and stereotypical formula.


  • ​Performances

John Goodman offers a superb performance in his portrayal of the character Howard. Goodman shifts gears as an mentally unstable man. The bunker is the place he calls home. This dwelling serves as a metaphor to his callous mental state and isolation to the outside world. The character Howard transmogrifies within a cycle of emotional instability. Within one scene Goodman portrays a threatening bear of a  man. The next scene he’s calm and collected, an individual of reason.

Yet, there’s a downside to the structure of John Goodman’s role. The recycling of these characteristics serve as a repellent for casual audiences. The character doesn’t offer any substance for the viewer to connect at any level.


  • Plot

“10 Cloverfield Lane” is a conception of a three person writing team. Yet, the film presents an illogical story structure with baseless characters. Compartmentalized within a grim backdrop are prefabricated personalities and concepts. “10 Cloverfield Lane” enters the expanding arena of films bearing similar creative perception. Films centered on people sheltered beneath/from an apocalyptic world is nothing new. Although sharing an underlying premise each release offers a distinct aspect of originality. Yet, “10 Cloverfield Lane” fails to deliver traits of a genre-defining film.

“10 Cloverfield Lane” offers humor when illogical abstraction are presented as defining reason. For example: Howard  is able to differentiate military craft from an extraterrestrial armada.  The audience expects to believe his expertise stems from years of military experience.

  • Performances

Mary Elizabeth Winstead portrays the character named Michelle. Within act one Michelle is presented  as a weak-minded woman. The opening sequence leads the viewer to believe  Michelle  is leaving her relationship. Yet, the reason of her fleeing problem(s) is never disclosed. Some may argue that her reason in starting a new life is a sign of independence. This belief lacks logic and reason. Instances of cowardice corrode any attempts in building Michelle as a strong female lead.  The character Emmet meets his demise on accord of Michelle’s lack of authority.

The character, Howard offers the common crazed conspiracy theorist persona. Hollywood continues to perpetrate this stereotypical notion to audiences. This is a constant tactic to mar credibility within the matrix of alternative news researchers. Hinted is the notion that Howard is a sadist, kidnapper and murderer. He also fancies a distaste for women. His description towards woman is exuded during a board game.

John Gallagher Jr. portrays the underdeveloped character named Emmet. This entity serves no purpose whatsoever in the story line. Emmet’s contribution to the plot needed dire reinforcement. The writers disposed of his value with callousness within the latter part of act two.

  • Viewing experience

“10 Cloverfield Lane” centers on the man versus man film construct. Yet, the friction between the character provided are at times comical. The lack of character development sabotages all aspects to the plot. The peril and conflict is served on a weak premise. Save yourself the agony of putting hard earned money on this film by reading the next sentence. The summary provides the climatic final minutes to “10 Cloverfield Lane”.

The film ends with Michelle escaping from the bunker. She’s  also victorious in a fight against a giant creature. Michelle then embarks on a crusade against the extraterrestrial invaders.  Textbook ending at its finest.       

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