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The Unkindness of Ravens was previously covered in DecayMag.com late last month (November) in the article titled: “The Unkindness of Ravens (Press Release). The Film, currently in the last stages of its crowdfunding campaign is directed by  Lawrie Brewster and writer Sarah Daly

Today we received an update to the campaign status to “The Unkindness of Ravens” from Sarah Daly herself. DecayMag.com is pleased to announce that the film met its crowdfunding goal. Furthermore,  and Sarah Daly states that “The Unkindness of Ravens” became :

…the most-funded UK horror ever on Kickstarter!

The statistics to the “The Unkindness of Ravens”crowdfunding campaign is as follows: over five hundred backed pledged a total of sixty two thousand one hundred eighty seven dollars ( $62,187), over two thousand dollars over the established goal. Only twenty-two hours remain until the campaign is finalized as of the time of this published article.

The production is currently offering stretch goal incentives for backers. The awards vary from; BTS Diary on the making of the film to Secret mythology of the Raven Warriors to tons of photographs. If you’re interested in offering support head on over to”The Unkindness of Ravens” Kickstarter page. Besure to check out some animated GIFs to the film at the end of this article.

Its always great to see great indie Horror films getting developed, especially with contributions from fans of the genre. DecayMag.com is honored to serve as a platform for independently produced horror films, productions and developers. Its especially gratifying to witness the success and knowing DecayMag.com was a part of the promotional efforts.

Congratulations”The Unkindness of Ravens” production team!

The Unkindness of Ravens Press Release

The Unkindness of Ravens Set to Take Flight After Meeting Kickstarter Goal

The crowdfunding campaign for Scottish horror The Unkindness of Ravens has reached its funding goal, making it the most-funded UK horror film ever on Kickstarter!

Over 550 backers have pledged, taking the ongoing campaign past its original £40,000 target. The team have now announced a stretch goal of £45,000, which would see all backers receiving the ‘Raven Arcana’ Digital Book, filled with short stories, tales from the set, raven mythologies and tons of photos and illustrations.

Backers flocked to the project’s beautifully-designed rewards such as the Collector’s Edition 3-Disc Set and the awesome, limited edition Owlman action figure (the Owlman being the breakout star of the team’s last movie Lord of Tears).

Lawrie Brewster’s campaign also received significant Kickstarter pledges from film companies around the world, including US companies 3rd Monkey Productions and Lights Out Productions, UK distributor 88 Films and Scottish production company Zoghogg Studios, as well as filmmaker Shoogly Peg!

With an expected release date of July 2016, the funds raised will now go towards the film’s soundtrack, effects, mix, and marketing, ensuring that this ambitious indie has the best chance of being seen by the widest audience possible.

Director Lawrie Brewster is delighted at the success of the campaign, ‘The significance of our campaign cannot be understated. It reflects the enormous hunger out there for new, original ideas in the genre and proves that grassroots funding can now enable us to tell the stories that the mainstream would never touch.
We will use these funds not only to produce films but to distribute them in a manner that will see us build a sustainable model, focussed on producing high concept films and delivering them in unique physical media. Production companies can now sustain themselves with a direct and personal relationship with the people that count most, their audiences.’

The film certainly promises to be something different to the norm, with its brooding Scottish landscapes, unsettling, pagan vibe and brutal violence. A claustrophobic and intense tale of one man’s battle for survival in the remote highlands of Scotland, the film has echoes of The Wicker Man and Kill List with the central plot about a troubled veteran calling to mind films like Jacob’s Ladder and Apocalypse Now.

“Our film aims to be the most emotionally intense and disturbing pyschological horror of the year, with its unflinching portrayal of the true cost of war and the internal scars carried by our veterans. This film pays tribute to the courage that those who suffer from PTSD face in managing their condition. We do this in a narrative that pits such a soldier against an evil so terrifying and uncanny that no one will expect our hero to stand a chance. The Ravens are coming…”

The project garnered some serious praise along the way from industry figures like legendary horror director Tom Holland (Fright Night, Child’s Play), and Alec Gillis, co-founder of Oscar-winning creature effects company ADI, and by the looks of things, we’ll be hearing lots more about the film very soon!

But, the campaign’s not over yet! With two days still to go, Lawrie Brewster hopes to reach the new £45,000 stretch goal! So, get pledging while you still can!



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