8 films to Die For

8 Films to Die For Horror movie festival launched in 2006. Organized by After Dark Films the movie festival showcased independent horror movies from across the U.S. and abroad. I personally remember attending the inaugural festival at the Regal in Time Square, New York City. Throngs of revelers went to the screenings of paranormal thriller “Grave dancers” and the slasher-horror “Dark Ride”. The launch of “8 films to Die For” also marketed as “After Dark Horrorfest” was a huge success garnering the attention of diehard horror fans. Within the years thereafter “8 films to Die For” featured some memorable horror films to date. Unfortunately, as all good things come to an end so did “8 Films to Die for” and sadly 2010 marked its final exhibition.

In a partnership deal between After Dark Films, Lionsgate, and SyFy “8 Films to Die For” was rebranded as “After Dark Originals”. The premise was to showcase horror films yet provide After dark Films full creative control, from concept to scrip to production of each film. “Fertile Ground” “Prowl” and “51” were some of the initial releases to name a few. Most recently After Dark Films delved into the action genre, notably the Jean Claude Van Damme Martial Arts flick; “Dragon Eyes”.

After Dark Original gained audiences through various avenues of distribution. However, the platform of a film festival to showcase their original content was lacking. That is until now….

“8 Films to Die For” is back! However, it will not be as a horror movie festival of yesteryear but rebranded as a boxed set though a recent partnership between After Dark Films and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.


The first of seven films to be released under this marketing structure is After Dark Original; “Re-Kill”.

“Re-kill” is directed by Valeri Milev whose directorial credits include “Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort” and “Code Red”. Martial Arts sensation Scott Adkins stars in this post-apocalyptic zombie film. Co-starring is Daniella Alonso, whose horror film credits include; “The Hills Have Eyes 2” “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End” and “The Collector”. “Re-kill” is set to have a limited Theatrical release on October 16, 2015



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