Alex DiSanto Collection, The. Anthology Indie Slashers Arrives on Amazon

Alex DiSanto Collection, The. Anthology Film Details

Director: Alex DiSanto The Alex DiSanto Collection


Howard Cain, Diary of a Necromancer

Jess Martin, A Christmas to Dismember

Andy Freeman, Bad Seeds

David Steele, Meat Pie Massacre

Release Date: March 5th, 2019

Release Format: Blu-Ray, DVD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 191 minutes

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Meat Pie Massacre
Carrie, a young psychopath runs a small business where she murders
people and makes them into pies. She then forces her unstable brother to
help her out.

Bad Seeds
Three siblings immerse themselves in a world of love, LSD and hustling.
But they find out that everything isn’t as good as they thought once
they get caught up in murder, blackmail and the deadly side effects of
experimental drugs.

A Christmas to Dismember
The most popular clique at school finds themselves dancing with death as
Santa begins to deviously hack, slash and unwrap them. Now they’ve gotta
barricade themselves and outsmart the killer or they may just end up in
their own stockings.

Diary of a Necromancer
Asher, a vampiric necromancer, saves a girl being targeted by three
cannibalistic witches. The two teams up to kill the degenerates not
knowing that the witches have chosen Asher as their next target.

On March 5th, 2019 TVSK Entertainment will release the collection of films directed by Alex DiSanto. The compilation will be available on Bluray and DVD via Amazon. Pre-orders are available via the buttons below.

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The films vary by theme but have a common thread that includes the hallmarks of typical Slashers. Each production is small budget creations spearheaded by Alex DiSanto and backed by a team of teenaged filmmakers. According to the press release The Alex DiSanto Anthology will;

Capturing the essence of youth, the innocence of adolescence is ultimately tested
before becoming corrupt in his debauched tales — pitting the young as
killers/survivors, while encapsulating dark themes such as cannibalism,
sadism, drugs, abuse, and even the occult!

The Alex DiSanto Collection Press Release



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