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“American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore” was released in late 2014 and received mixed reviews among critics and viewers. The film was an homage to the 1985 gory cult classic “Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood”. Of course this particular isn’t suited for mass consumption and is focused on a sub-genre of horror cinema called; snuff films. In fact, there is a community of horror fans that have an appetite for the macabre, the deranged and controversial art form.

“American Guinea Pig” isn’t the first film to grace the stage, in fact many domestically composed films have released over the years and cater specifically to the underground horror scene. Believe me, I’ve only found but a few and am sure there’s lots more but finding these gems are difficult unless you know where to look. In the opinion of this reporter “American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore” merits a watch..that is if you’re not squeamish.

The Production team successfully received financial aid from horror fans to help in the marketing, promotion and distribution of the first film. Now the team is backand are implementing the same crowdfunding tactics as before. Perks, gore and of course pre-sales to limited edition versions of  the now completed “American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock” are now available via contribution efforts.

While the first installment of “American Guinea Pig” was written and directed by Stephen Biro  “Bloodshock”, is directed by Marcus Koch based off the script written by Stephen Biro. Much like the first crowdfunding campaign, not only will proceeds be targeting marketing and distribution but donations will also go into making the third chapter of “American Guinea Pig” titled: “Dark Nirvana”.  Here’s the rundown, via the “American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock” Indiegogo page:

THE MOVIE IS FINISHED!!! You don’t have to wait a YEAR to get your perks or dvd’s. We are using INDIEGOGO just like we did for AGP: Bouquet of Guts and Gore. Finished film, using it for presales to outwit, and plan ahead of the internet piracy that is actually screwing up the film industry. It’s rampant, we already have pirates pretending to be BLOODSHOCK on Facebook…. right freaking now! Disgusting, I know but… we offer the pre-sales for BLOODSHOCK now… means we can move ahead for the next film.

Director Marcus Koch hit the nail on the head, to bring all of us Gorehounds something unique, intense and gore-tastic that will be enjoyed by only you and disgust everyone else! Dan Ellis came to showcase his many talents in the doctors torture room while Lillian McKinney joins him for one of the most outragous films this year. Andy Winton as the Doctor and Gene Palubicki as the Intern are demonic in their protrayals of blood harvesting psychopaths willing to go the distance for unseen benefactors.

“Bloodshock” stars:

Norm J. Castellano

Barron Christian

Dan Ellis

Alberto Giovannelli

Lillian McKinney

To assist in funding this project head on over to the “American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock” Indiegogo page and of course if you want to promote this endeavor via social platforms head on over to the OFFICIAL “American Guinea Pig” Facebook page.


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