American Scumbags, Dakota Bailey: Trailer Review

American Scumbags Film Review

Director: Dakota Bailey

Writer: Dakota Bailey

Release Date: January 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Crime


The film features three stories revolving around heroin addicted hitman/drug dealer Johnny (Dakota Bailey), sadistic psychopath convict Billy (Darien Fawkes) & drug kingpin Chester. The film takes the viewer into a seedy underworld where crimes & drugs rule.


American Scumbags will release sometime in January 2017. Dakota Bailey notable for My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence returns to the director’s chair. Bailey also wrote the screenplay to American Scumbags, a dark Crime film.

The feature is an anthology film. Stories follow;

• Johnny, a heroin-addicted drug dealer, and hitman

• Billy, a sadistic psychopath convict

• Chester, a drug kingpin.

Trailer Summary

Filled with sex, violence, and crime, American Scumbags plays like an exploitation snuff film. The trailer opens with a scene of a man filling a container with some kind of acidic substance.

In a quick cut, the scene changes to what looks to be a dead animal getting gutted. A scene of a man on the phone instructing the kill of a man. The scene later transitions to a couple having sex.

Then we see a man yelling at someone on the phone. A quick cut present this same man getting chased down and killed.

The scene transitions to a man talking on the phone. Another sequence finds a man masturbating in a car. A man murdered for reasons unknown is displayed. A man walks in on a couple having sex. He kills him.


My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence had scenes of sex, drugs, crime, and violence. Necrophilia was also hinted. Dakota Bailey’s follow-up, American Scumbags looks to live up to the name.

American Scumbags is produced by Greg Martin, Dustin Hubbard, Jimmy Panic, and Dakota Bailey.

The cast is:

  • Dakota Bailey as Johnny
  • Darien Fawkes as Billy
  • Fred Epstein as Chester
  • L.B. as Wheelin’ Deals
  • Nick Benning as Lucifer
  • Bianca Valentino as Angel
  • Katy Katzar as The ex
  • Bill Schafer as The Boyfriend
  • Matt Marshall as Marshall
  • V.B. as Teddy
  • C Dog as Himself



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