Another, Mark of the Witch, Spellbinds With Indie Horror

Another aka Mark of the Witch Film Details

Director: Jason Bognacki

Writer: Jason Bognacki

Release Date:  6 June 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Video On Demand

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 Genre: Fantasy, Horror 


A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil’s kin.

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“Another”aka “Mark of the Witch” follows a supernatural Horror context. Yet, the film does not offer traditional expressionism. The protagonist Jordyn (portrayed by Paulie Rojas) is an attractive doey-eyed woman. Jordyn lives a with a normal life. Yet, the young woman harbors a terrible secret. Her innocent birthday wish becomes a reality. This is not a gift Jordyn expect to materialize. Once it does it come in the form of terror. A haunting that will change the landscape of her existence .

“Another”aka “Mark of the Witch” offers more than a supernatural narrative. Presented is Jordyn’s slow moving psychological collapse. Reality and dream merge and embodies a form of its own. Questioned are Actions and the resulting consequences. Is the protagonist approaching madness or is something sinister amiss?


Jason Bognacki offers a spellbinding cinematic experience with “Another”aka “Mark of the Witch”.  The visuals were phenomenal. Bognacki  does not take a conventional approach with his creative vision. Instead, scenes take on a dream-like exhibition. Creative angles, strategic transitions, and unorthodox editing give a distinctive flair to Bognacki’s film.

“Another”aka “Mark of the Witch” is a crafted artwork incorporating Horror and Thriller. Coupled with a haunting soundtrack the film translates as a Witch house music video. “Another”aka “Mark of the Witch” is a more than a film, it is a complete canvas from a Horror visionary.

The  actors evoked great skill expressing their performances. Yet, the dialogue between characters had evidence of B-movie quality. Despite this small nuance, the cast presented a noteworthy on-screen chemistry. Each performer elevated “Another”aka “Mark of the Witch with a skillful contribution.

“Another”aka “Mark of the Witch” is rich with conflict, well-structured characters. The story is fluid with its presentation. Audiences will immerse within the mystery-charged narrative. Frights are absent from Bognacki’s presentation. “Another”aka “Mark of the Witch” is not designed to conjure scares. The incorporation of Horror finds itself within a psychological approach to the supernatural.


The only flaw resides in the replication of fire using special visual effects. A rendered translation is evident when used.

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