Movie Name: “At The Gates Of Death”

Release Date: 27th of July 2015

Release: YouTube

Horror Subgenre: Slasher/ Supernatural


A clairvoyant killer searches for the foes who double crossed him as he regains his lost visions.

“At The Gates Of Death” Film Analysis

Written and Directed by Jess Solis and produced by Ghoulish Grin Films is the independently released feature “At The Gates Of Death”. The horror/supernatural production is available for free via Youtube. “At The Gates Of Death” can only be described as a psychedelic voyage within the mindset of a serial killer. The concept is artistically driven however the execution is overly done resulting in the film’s demise. “At The Gates Of Death” is not a horror film for the average viewer.  The plot is extremely difficult to understand, muddled by exaggerated visual concepts and audio manipulation.


The soundtrack to “At The Gates Of Death” is overpowering and cues suspenseful emotions for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Audio effects are applied excessively to most of the dialogue and compromises the exchange being delivered. Furthermore, the occasional voice over, the emotional content expressed by the serial killer himself is outright comical.

Eighty percent of the film consists of B-footage or B-roll. For those unfamiliar with film production jargon, B footage or B-roll refers to supplemental footage, transitions to another scene. Footage of what appears to be a neglected urban park subtracts from the performances enacted in the film, “At The Gates Of Death”.

Overall the film, “At The Gates Of Death” possesses the unique audio and visual aesthetics of a Witch-House music video. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. The film, “At The Gates Of Death” would benefit greatly in a condensed short film medium, with minimal B roll and balanced post-production effects.


The cinematography in the film, “At The Gates Of Death” is creatively constructed. Director, Jess Solis possesses good talent in capturing the scene at hand.

The artistically driven aesthetic presented in the film, “At The Gates Of Death” was a unique approach to film making. However, the application should be executed moderately with emphasis on plot, character development and actor’s portrayal.

In Closing:

“At The Gates Of Death” is a small independent production, lacking financial and production support. However, resources manifested in the form of talented contributors who worked hard on this full length feature. Merit and acclaim goes out to the entire production crew on their accomplishment.




  1. I thank everyone at for taking the time to review “At The Gates Of Death.” You could have just as easily ignored an extremely small company a review of a no-budget film. And I thank Kage Einjeru for his review and criticism. I’ve learned from the criticism of my first film “Curse Of The Revenant,” and I have learned this time around. I have always agreed that my films are unique to the point of pushing away viewers. It’s not really my intention but I do what I can to please my sensibilities. Again…this film is on YouTube and the viewer can decide for themselves. I’m so happy I discovered DecayMag on Twitter. This is a great site for all things horror.



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