Banshee Blacktop, Supernatural Mystery from Ireland

Banshee Blacktop, an Irish Ghost Story Film Details

Director: Sean Garland

Writer: Sean Garland

Release Date: 2015 (Ireland)

Release Format: TBA

Horror Sub-Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror


Dublin, Ireland. A seemingly aimless drifter is picked up by police in connection with the disappearance of a young couple on a remote, windswept island months before. But the drifter, a disgraced monk, turns the table on their investigation and relates a tale of madness, murder and the supernatural.


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Based on the Teaser trailer (posted above) the viewer can surmise that “Banshee Blacktop” is a strikingly visual film. Each composition presented in this compilation is an example of atmospheric surrealism. From the synopsis, we can come to the conclusion that the film centers on Seamus Monkton (portrayed by Liam Halligan). Monkton is under interrogation for the disappearance of a young couple Dierdre (portrayed by Kelly McAuley) and Fionn (portrayed by Dylan Kennedy). The film unfolds as a testimony to the events surrounding the couple’s disappearance.  

Marcus LambFrank O’SullivanBernadette CarlinJer O’Leary and Ken Doyle star in Sean Garland’s “Banshee Blacktop”.

“Banshee Blacktop” is written and directed by Sean Garland. Garland unweaves an intricate tale of a Mystery, Thriller.  A supernatural element is also present, perhaps an influence from local folklore. Another striking element from the teaser is revealed in the latter minutes. The acting appears solid without evidence of those ill delivered dialogue exchanges. With its phenomenal visual aesthetics and gripping narrative,  “Banshee Blacktop” is a film to look out for.

According to, the film released in Ireland on 2015. This may not be accurate.  Conclusive information on the release date will be provided in the upcoming months. For the latest news on “Banshee Blacktop” visit the following social network platforms:





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