Beast, Sci-Fi and Martial Arts Film Production

Beast is a film production currently residing in development limbo. initially covered the independently produced Scif-Fi Martial Arts film in the article titled; “Beast” delves into Martial Arts and Horror, accessed here. Written by Robert Jefferson, the film encapsulates multiple genres from Sci-Fi to Martial Arts to Action Thriller. On the 7th of November 2015 the trailer to “Beast” was screened exclusively at the Urban Action Showcase Expo. The basis for the screening was to somehow garner potential investors on the project.

The synopsis to the film reads as follows:

In 1999 Marcus Walden’s multinational corporation began developing a serum that would change the face of modern warfare. A serum that would ideally create the perfect soldier: strong, fearless, and impervious to pain… A serum known only as BEAST. Only one problem: no one could survive the trials.

In 2016 Jake Caldwell, home from Afghanistan, now uses his military skills to hunt dangerous criminals. Disturbed by the horrors of war and scarred by sacrifices he made both for his country and brothers in arms, Jake is a man on a mission to protect the innocent and bring bad men to justice at any cost.

While a crowdfunding is a possibility in the near future, the primary objective is to obtain private source of funding for the film, “Beast”. According to the film’s star Marco (Da Answer) Johnson, “Beast” is touted as a modern Martial Arts film that will:

“..Bring back that old school action, real hardcore no wires, no tricks, real Martial Arts. When you sit back and watch this film, you’re going to sit back and really feel like you’re watching a real action film..”

“Beast” offers a heavy element in the Sci-Fi genre, and upon reading the synopsis one can quickly compare the plot with one particular Jean Claude Van Damme Film. However, as with most indie films, therein lies a more personal and unfiltered approach to film-making and production value often overlooked by major film studios.

While details to the film, “Beast” are scarce, currently available are the general production information and they are as follows:

Directors  Kaloni DavisRobert Samuels 

Cast: John Canada TerrellVincent LynJohn DeBlasioMarco Johnson

Stay tuned to for further developments on the upcoming Sci-fi, Martial arts film, “Beast”.


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