Before You Go To Bed Explores Horrors of The Mind

Before You Go To Bed Crowdfunding Details

Director:  (as Frederik Wolf)

Writer: Frederik von Lüttichau (as Frederik Wolf)

Release Format: KickStarter

Crowdfunding Platform:

Target Goal: $2,872

Horror Sub-Genre:


A young man is preparing to go to bed when he notices, he is not alone.

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Frederik von Lüttichau is virtually a one man production team for “Before You Go To Bed”. Lüttichau serves as the actor, director, editor, producer, and writer on this film. reveals Lüttichau will work under the stage name Frederik Wolf. Also investing their talents on the project are;

Sasha Bajac, Director of Photography,

Mamiko Motto, Music

Etienne Rallu Sound Design Frederik von Lüttichau's Before You Go To Bed“Before You Go To Bed” is currently in post-production. Lüttichau set up a crowdfunding campaign to complete his vision of madness and Suspense. The accrued monies will see investment in various technical aspect for the film. This includes sound design, post-editing, and film festival fees.

“Before You Go To Bed” is not a typical Horror film. A focus lies within a trek into the unstable psychosis of mind. The protagonist, Franz descends into a frightening journey into the depth of his subconscious. Borders between reality and fabrications become blurred as Franz collides with repressed memories. According to the crowdfunding page “Before You Go To Bed” finds:

“….a lot of inspiration from one of Roman Polanski’s earlier films ‘The Tenant’ which is also based on one man, alone in his apartment, loosing (sic) touch with reality….”

The film is a Thriller and Horror branded work of art. “Before You Go To Bed” will offer a surreal exploration within a psychological study. The performance will display the most frightening monster of all. This is not a creature of fiction but one that dwells in a fragile mind.

As of the 26th of June 2016, only twenty-four days remain before the crowdfunding event ends. collected towards the goal are two hundred fifteen dollars ($215). Rewards are set up for selective pledge amounts.  Helping these independent Horror visionaries is the best reward of all.


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