“Blackglovekiller” Production Details

“BlackGloveKiller” is a psychological horror film written and directed by Canadian-based filmmaker and Fangoria editor; Chris Alexander. , the film stars notable legends in the Goth and Industrial/EBM scene, Peter Murphy from the Retro-Goth band Bauhaus and Nivek Ogre founder of the Industrial band Skinny Puppy!

The official synopsis to the film, “Blackglovekiller” is as follows:

“An erotic, violent fever dream driven by mood, music and atmosphere following the bloody trail of Miranda, a beautiful predator who stalks the city streets at night looking for prey and sits in her gilded cage by day, waiting for the sun to set. As her wave of death escalates, fantasy and reality begin to blur, pushing Miranda closer to the ultimate revelation about who she is and what she must become.”

Chris Alexander is also working on the Horror Anthology film, “Underneath” in which Decaymag.com was the first to provide news coverage on the project here. On the film, “BlackGloveKiller” Chris Alexander describes “BlackGloveKiller” as:

“..really aims to be a horror film like no other horror film, one that nods to its influence but is still distinctly the product of my own imagination.”

“BlackGloveKiller” is slated for production within the latter part of 2015, filming will occur in Canada. Posters to the film, “BlackGloveKiller” are provided below.


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