Blackout Experiments Film Details Exclusive Trailer

Blackout Experiments Film Details

Director: Rich Fox Rich Fox's "The Blackout Experiments"

Writer: n/a

Release Date: 22nd of July 2016

Genre: Documentary, Horror


This documentary follows a group of people who discover the ultra-scary, psycho-sexual horror experience Blackout, and develop an obsession that hijacks their lives and blurs the line between reality and paranoid fantasy.

Long Synopsis:

The  most  extreme  immersive  horror  experience  in  America  is  called  Blackout.  Not  for  the  faint of  heart,  it  is  a  terrifying,  psychosexual thrill ride  designed  to  play  on  our  deepest  psychological fears. Rich  Fox’s  innovative  horror  documentary  follows  a  group  of  friends  whose  experience  with Blackout  becomes  deeply  personal,  developing  into  an  obsession  that  hijacks  their  lives  and blurs  the  line  between  reality  and  paranoid  fantasy. Revealing  an  underbelly  of  private  rituals  and  personal  nightmares  with  shocking  footage  that  is 100%  real,  THE  BLACKOUT  EXPERIMENTS  is  the  story  of  our  collective  obsession  with  the darkness  inside  us

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The Found Footage Horror film “The Blackout Experiments” dropped a new trailer moments ago. is the first to deliver first at this much-anticipated film! A new poster design is also revealed. Not too fond of the poster design. The print exhibit similarity to “The Evil Within” video game box art. In any event, the trailer delivers more scenes to this found footage concept. The curiosity is excruciating, eager to see what the hype is all about on Rich Fox’s Horror entry. “The Blackout Experiments” is set to release on The 22nd of July 2016.

Press Release:

The most extreme immersive horror experience in America is called Blackout. Not for the faint of heart, it is a terrifying, psycho-sexual thrill-ride designed to play on our deepest psychological fears. Rich Fox’s innovative horror documentary follows a group of friends whose experience with Blackout becomes deeply personal, developing into an obsession that hijacks their lives and blurs the line between reality and paranoid fantasy. Revealing an underbelly of private rituals and personal nightmares with shocking footage that is 100% real, THE “Blackout Experiments” is the story of our collective obsession with the darkness inside us.

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