Bleed: Tripp Rhame’s Intense Horror Thriller

Bleed Film Details

Director: Tripp Rhame

Writers: Ben Jacoby, Tripp Rhame

Release Date: March 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not yet Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller


It seemed perfect – a new marriage, a new house, and a child on the way. But when Sarah and Matt invite their friends to celebrate, an innocent ghost hunt turns deadly as they explore the remains of a burned-out prison. The ill-fated group encounters horrors of this world and beyond. No one is safe – not even the unborn.

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bleed-poster“Bleed” is familiar, but fresh at the same time. A newlywed couple expecting their first baby invites their friends out to celebrate with them. This celebration quickly takes a curve when Sarah’s brother and his new girlfriend arrive on the scene, and he stirs up some trouble…and old ghosts. Eric brings out him and Sarah’s old ghosts, and Dave introduces more ghosts when he tells them a tale about a legendary serial killer and an abandoned prison where murders took place.

They head on a joy ride to check out the prison, but this joy trip instantly takes a downfall when they stumble upon sanctuaries that unleash some vengeful spirits, as well as some very angry locals who want them dead for invading the private sanctuary.

The heart of the story are two vengeful spirits. One of that of a young girl, who died because the locals thought she was cursed because of her birth mark. The second is that of a local who was murdered when he tried to save the young girl from the locals. The man also appears to have connections to Sarah and Eric, as he appears to them in their flashbacks and dreams of a childhood trauma.

Sarah also shares the same birthmark that the young girl who was killed had. Not to mention the shocking fact that was stated in the film: that the young girl, in fact, died on the day Sarah and Eric were born. There seems to be some kind of connection to the young girl, the man who was murdered, and Sarah and Eric. This all leads to a very intense ending.


The plot and storyline for “Bleed” is definitely worth checking out. Very well thought out and executed. The performances were decent.


The scare factor for “Bleed” is about average. There are no edge of your seat scares, even though it tries so hard.

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