Bom Dia Carlos (Good Morning Carlos)

Bom Dia Carlos filmed on location in Brasil

Release Date: Currently Screening in film festivals

Release: TBD

MPAA Rating: R

Horror Sub-genre: Homage to Retro Horror

Synopsis: Carlos is disturbed by a potent restlessness. His analyst is obsessed by the idea of having to eliminate him to save his island, Florianopolis. The island is, par excellence, a disturbed territory. A piece of land disconnected from the continent or territory which emerges from the tremors coming from the center of the world: re-integration with the sea is the ghost who haunts all islands. There is, in this tense relationship between sea and island, an opposition between civilization and destruction, form and formlessness, culture and chaos, united in a caring and scatological tribute to Carlos Reichenbach, Lucio Fulci and Andrzej Zulawski.

Bom Dia Carlos (Good Morning Carlos) Film Analysis

Upon watching the film “Bom Dia Carlos” (translated from Portuguese; “Good Morning Carlos”) you’re instantly propelled into an exhibition of retro horror cinema. Visuals are authentically presented with surreal imagery. The color overlays and unorthodox cinematography  work in concert to replicate a vintage feel. “Bom Dia Carlos” is touted as an homage to Carlos Reichenbach, Lucio Fulci and Andrzej Zulawski, horror maestros of yesteryear. If you’re unfamiliar with the aforementioned names, you’re truly missing out on the pioneering horror art form. “Bom Dia Carlos” excels in content, delivery and encapsulates the feel of a horror classic.

Carlos, the protagonist of the film is truly not having a good day. He’s literally suffering from internal demons from which there is no escape. Written and directed by Gurcius Gewdner “Bom Dia Carlos” offers human suffering through out the majority of the film. With a running time at under twenty minutes (20) in length, the tribulations Carlos face does get tiresome and repetitive. However, much as the concepts of classic horror the execution is seen as the norm. Gurcius Gewdner contacted in regards to this review stated that “Bom Dia Carlos” is :

 …a prequel for a movie that we will release next year, called “PAZUCUS: Island of Vomit and Despair”


While the story may not appeal to the casual horror viewer, “Bom Dia Carlos” offers a truly unique visual experience. Madness, pain and sickness are presented in a cleverly compelling medium. While not the intended reaction, laughter was triggered by the unfortunate circumstance Carlos faced. Perhaps it was our morbid sense of humor, the exaggerated portrayal of the role or a combination of both. Actor Marcel Mars offered a truly remarkable role, his inflections are heartfelt and cringe worthy. Many actors find an extreme methods of getting into their role. Marcel Mars transcended beyond his acting skills by wallowing in regurgitated contents on a filthy pedestrian-way.

As stated before, “Bom Dia Carlos” offers itself as a good example of retro horror cinema with its amateur-replicated camera work and color filters. In addition, the audio mixing was badly composed, of course it was intentionally and creatively done.


“Bom Dia Carlos” is intended for a select niche, a community of horror enthusiasts.  Uncanny mediums with subliminal contexts are reserved to enjoy for selected few. While this may not be categorized as a downfall, it would be nice to offer a film more open for viewing community. Personally, this isn’t an issue.

In closing:

Gurcius Gewdner offers an excellent reproduction from film to score to cinematography. While  “Bom Dia Carlos” may not cater the the general audience, those that do will be intrigued by the performance and visuals. Watching “Bom Dia Carlos” and you’ll feel like you’re watching a 70’s throwback. We here at can’t wait for the next chapter to this saga.

Thank you Gurcius Gewdner for inviting us to review your film.



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