Brodie ’s Law: Project Jameson, Film Adaptation

Brodie ’s Law: Project Jameson, Film John Pogue, Kristen McCallion, David Birchman, Daley Osiyemi, Alan Grant. Brodie's Law: Project Jameson 

Director: John Pogue


David Birchman

Kristen McCallion

Daley Osiyemi

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Release Format: TBA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime


BRODIE’S LAW is about professional gun-for-hire Jack Brodie, who is setup and forced to steal a top-secret experiment, which enables him the ability to physically morph into different people. Aided by a scientist who helps him to control his new power, Brodie seeks to atone for his past sins, find his kidnapped son, and bring the criminals to justice who double-crossed him.


Brodie’s Law: Project Jameson begins pre-production this Spring with filming set for Summer 2017. John Pogue will direct this Action, Adventure based on Kristen McCallion’s screenplay.

Brodie’s Law: Project Jameson is a film adaptation based on the graphic novel of the same name. The co-creators of the novel are David Birchman, Daley Osiyemi Alan Grant. Brodie’s Law: Project Jameson published on November 2006 via Markosia USA.

The cast for the film has yet to establish. Stay tuned for updates.

The story revolves around Jack Brodie, an East London thief with a temper and attitude, who possesses the power to “suck your soul dry” by taking a person’s thoughts and identity before giving it back to them tainted with his own evil deeds. Framed for a murder he did not commit, Brodie embarks on a thrilling non-stop mission to find his kidnapped son.

Brodie’s Law will be introduced at the 2017 Cannes Film Market.

Film adaptations of graphic novels have risen in circulation. This includes not only Horror but other popular trends and genre. Using this medium as original content is integral for the Horror circuit. This can provide some counter-leverage against the countless reboots flooding the scene.

The success rate for film adaptation of graphic novels is high. This is in comparison to video game to film adaptations. Brodie’s Law: Project Jameson is a project to look forward to.


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