“By Demon’s” Will Brazilian Found Footage

By Demon’s Will written and directed by Cintia Domit Bittar is a found footage horror film currently in development. Recently acquired by Novelo Filmes and At Beyond the Window, the film is described as a medium that will redefine the found footage sub-genre. Ana Paula Mendes producer at Novelo Filmes confirmed the unique direction the film, “By Demon’s Will” will be undertaking. Mendes stated that the film:

“intends to explore the found-footage horror sub-genre in a pure way, preserving to the maximum its a esthetic and narrative characteristics, without the use of resources like sound effects, soundtrack or visual and post-production tricks”

If Novelo Films prospers in presenting a redefining formula it’ll be refreshing concept from the norm. Nothing conveys good horror like a low budget production, special effects gimmicks and poor acting. A model that has stolen garnered millions for Blumhouse Productions off of causal horror fans.  The found footage concept has declined in production value over the years. Basically, the genre is an easy method into creating a film. Ana Paula Mendes producer at Novelo Filmes solidified the distinction “By Demon’s Will” will set itself from the rest in the sub genre with the following comment:

“So we want to keep a distance from movies that use found-footage only as a style, and not as a sub-genre with its own characteristics, codes and rules.”

The description to the film, “By Demon’s Will” is as follows:

“By Demon’s Will” follows Lena, a student finishing her Master’s dissertation about people who believe they are  possessed by demons. At a psychiatric clinic, she interviews patients with that profile and ends up meeting Rose, who confesses to have set fire to her family’s house with her parents and brother inside, under the guidance of demons. Investigating Rose’s past, Lena will find a VHS tape containing images recorded at her brother’s birthday party, clues to what actually might have happened.

“By Demon’s Will” was awarded R$60,000 (US$15,568) via Santa Catarina state’s Premio Catarinense de Cinema. Although proceeds will go towards the production costs the joint venture by Beyond the Window and Novelo Filmes will seek additional funding to complete the film.

Filming begins in 2016


Source: Variety



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