Cadaver, Screen Gems’ Horror, In Development

Cadaver is the title to the upcoming project from American production company, Screen Gems. “Cadaver”, is building momentum in the pre-production stages.  Serving as interest is the Supernatural Horror elements involved.

In an exclusive report, The Hollywood Reporter announced the director attached to this project.

Diederik Van Rooijen, will be directing “Cadaver”. Writing the script is Brian Sieve. Both Rooijen and Sieve are well versed in the Horror, Thriller genre. Diederik Van Rooijen directed the 2013 Thriller “Daylight” and the 2012 Thriller “Taped”. Brian Sieve is notable for his writing credits on the 2007 Horror film;”Boogeyman 2″. Sieve also penned the 2008 direct to video follow-up sequel “Boogeyman 3”. “Cadaver” Rooijen and Sieve each have separate Horror film projects  in development.

The concept to Screen Gems’ upcoming Horror film project:

“…centers on a female cop just out of rehab who takes a graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, where a series of bizarre and violent events are caused by a corpse harboring an evil entity.”

If the trailer to “Cadaver” conjures a sense of familiarity it should. The outline to the film mirrors in concept with the 2015 release;  “The Abandoned” a.k.a. “The Confines” directed by Eytan Rockaway. The protagonist in “The Abandoned” is a security officer.  ext, she has a troubled past working and is in search of starting a new life. The protagonist works night shift as security guard to an abandon building. During the course of the evening unexplained, supernatural events begin to occur.

The production to “cadaver” is still in its infancy. A spectrum of the creative vision on this project remains to be seen.

Producing the upcoming Screen Gems project will be Broken Road Productions. No further news is available at this moment. More developments for Screen Gems’ upcoming Supernatural Horror film “Cadaver” will surface soon. Stay tuned to for further developments on this upcoming feature.



The Hollywood Reporter


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