Calm Before, Psychological Thriller Delves on Relationships, Paranormal

Calm Before Film Details Tara Lynn Marcelle Calm Before

Director: Tara Lynn Marcelle

Writer: Tara Lynn Marcelle

Release Date: TBA

Release Format:

Streaming, US Television Markets

MPAA Rating: TBA

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: N/A

Social Networking: Facebook


A husband and wife on the brink of divorce are trapped in an inn on their anniversary and are forced to confront their demons, both real and imaginary.


Principal photography for Calm Before began January 2018 with shooting locations in North and South Carolina. Although a release date is pending the final product will drop on cinemas and television distribution platforms.

An Indiegogo campaign launched a few months back hoping to secure fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) towards production costs. Unfortunately, the crowdfunding drive despite having enticing a slate of rewards tiers did not reach its aim. Tara Lynn Marcelle Calm Before

Calm Before also serves as the debut full feature film of 4 Pies Productions, LLC. While this female-driven production enterprise is new, the associates involved comprises seasoned actresses and filmmakers and they are;

• Vanessa Ore owns over fifty acting credits extending over nine years. Ore also worked in production operations serving as Associate Producer, Producer and Executive Producer on shorts to full-length features. In addition, Ore is a screenwriter and portrays the lead Gia Gallo, in Calm Before.

• Catherine Trail too carries an extraordinary nine-years of experience in acting. Trail has a list of over fifty credits in feature films, shorts, and television. Her career in film production also encompasses producing four short films. Trail also stars in Calm Before, she interprets the part of a character named Helen

• According to IMDb Calm Before becomes the second full feature film directorial project for Tara Lynn Marcelle. For over eight years Marcelle has developed her craft in the fields of film and television. During this time she’s composed or co-written screenplays and serving in Casting Director, and Producer capacities. Tara Lynn Marcelle Calm Before

For Calm Before Marcelle appears to encompass a drama surrounding a turbulent relationship. This approach appears to be invested with a supernatural Horror concept. Judging by the synopsis, central characters possess fragmented emotional issues that may serve a double significance and an enthralling spectacle. Horror connoisseurs are conversant with such conceptions incorporating psychological and the paranormal. I applaud these narratives for the way it weaves a compelling social commentary. Tara Lynn Marcelle Calm Before

The voice-over presented in the teaser trailer provides an important clue. It wouldn’t surprise me if Calm Before is a Thriller concentrating on dual personalities.

The cast for Calm Before features a robust list of accomplished performers and includes;

Darby Camp …Young Gia

Karen Abercrombie …Dr. Marcum

Michael Lombardi … Shane Gallo

Francine Locke…Beverly

Vanessa Ore …Gia Gallo

David Bianchi …Isaac

Brad Coffey …Jedi

Catherine Trail…Helen

Stay tuned to DecayMag for more information on Calm Before as it develops. Tara Lynn Marcelle Calm Before



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