Red Queen A Social Media Interactive for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Red Queen Challenge Overview

Sony Pictures Releasing International collaborated with  IV.AI to bring a new level of interaction. The venture ties with the upcoming film; Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Entertainment and artificial intelligence merge for a social media campaign featuring The Red Queen. This is a recurring one that plays a pivotal role in the Resident Evil movie universe.

#ChallengeTheRedQueen launched on the 17th of January 2017. The experience puts Facebook users against The Red Queen. Interactions will take place over the Facebook native messenger platform. The campaign offers fans of the Resident Evil movie franchise to test their knowledge.

The interaction between participant and The Red Queen will occur in real time. The AI offers built-in natural language processing to serve the community at large. This will ensure participants will have a genuine interaction with the character. As most are aware The Red Queen offers quite a bit of resistance to other characters in the film. Challenge the Red Queen

Below are key features to the social media campaign for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

• IV.AI used aspects of The Red Queen’s personality to design the software engine.

• Resident Evil scripts, films, and writers from Sony Pictures Entertainment fed I V.AI‘s sophisticated artificial intelligence ingestion system.

#ChallengeTheRedQueen unfolds in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, and Mexico. In Russia, the feature will be available on Telegram.

Access the #ChallengeTheRedQueen via the following links;

Spanish (Latin America)
Spain (Castilian)

“As digital marketers and filmmakers, our goal is to find new ways to push the boundaries of emerging technologies in entertainment IP. Seeing the power of artificial intelligence collaborating with talented scriptwriters and filmmakers is just the beginning. We always strive to enable moviegoers to have unique experiences with our characters and this will set an industry standard of how to use messenger platforms to market our movies.”

Sal Ladestro Sony Pictures, EVP International Marketing

“A new way of approaching entertainment via social media. Using customized AI, we can better understand the nuances of a character and allow fans to play along in real life.” Explains Lynch, “I like that we’re taking fictional AI that is normally portrayed as dark and tweaking the sentiment to make it fun and entertaining.”

Vince Lynch IV.AI CEO



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