Chris Sun’s “Boar” Initial Coverage Chris Sun's BoarChris Sun’s Boar is a horror film has covered since the beginning of the project development. From the the initial teaser trailer (viewable below), to the introductory film poster, its crowdfunding campaign, and events leading up to actual filming provided information on the film as it trickled in. Our coverage dates back from late May 2015 via our aggregated news source platform Flipboard.

A crowdfunding campaign was set up on Indiegogo for “Boar”, the latest horror film from Chris Sun.  The project received close to two-thousand dollars in backing over the thirty day duration of the campaign. Funds collected for the film “Boar” were funneled towards production, talent, meals, accommodations, travel, equipment, and VFX. Although the target of five hundred thousand dollars weren’t met “Boar” moved onward with production with initial funding from a private investor.

“Boar” Production and Filming Chris Sun's "Boar"

On August 2015 filming began in the heart of Kandanga, a town in south east Queensland, Australia for Chris’s Sun’s fourth Horror feature;”Boar”.

The film will mark the second occasion Chris Sun’s filmed in the Gympie region with the first film project being; “Charlie’s Farm”. In addition, locals were also recruited to take part in the film as extras.

Based on a screenplay written collaboratively by Kristy Dallas, and Chris Sun “Boar” centers on a monstrous pig terrorizing several vacationers and the inhabitants of a small country town. According to IMDB.COM the synopsis to the horror film “Boar” simply reads as follows: 

A group of teenagers find themselves in a wood with a bloody pig.

The dreadful and equally terrifying creature is the successful component to any Horror film and “Boar” is no exception. To provide authentic sense of fright actress Melissa Tkautz opted not to have any contact with the the titular character of the film. Melissa Tkautz confirms her action with the following comment: 

“I don’t want to see it, or get familiar with it, until I have my scenes with it.”

Chris Sun’s “Boar” stars Nathan JonesJohn JarrattChristie-Lee BrittenRoger Ward and Anita Barone-Scott

“Boar” is scheduled for a 2016 release and as of the time of this writing no specific date have been announced.

“Boar” Latest Trailer and Poster

Below is the latest Official teaser trailer to the upcoming horror film, “Boar” as well as the gore-rious accompanying movie poster. Stay tune to for further information on Chris Sun’s upcoming film “Boar” as it develops. Alternatively, for up to the minute updates please visit the film’s official page on Facebook .

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