Cold, Drama Thriller Chills With June Release

Cold Film Details Rob Hawk Felice Herrig Cold

Director: Rob Hawk

Writer: Rob Hawk

Release Date: June 2017

Release Format:

Video On Demand, DVD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Running Time: TBA


Truck drivers Keeta Gregory, and Holly Montero departed at 6am on December 22nd, 2015 with a delivery truck full of pallets of ice, and misc frozen items to be delivered to a variety of locations in 2 different states by 5pm. The last report to dispatch computer reads “Order Completed”. Now, 4 days later, the girls were never heard from again. We follow Detective Aly Black through her investigation, as she unravels the puzzle pieces left behind. One by one solving a very gruesome and heartbreaking case. Felice Herrig Cold


MMA enthusiasts, myself included are enjoying the transition fighters are making from the octagon to stage. MMA is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts, the expanding platform in combat sports. Sometimes the roles offered to these athletes have a limited amount of screen time. There’s also the limitations of placing these aspiring actors into pigeonhole portrayals. With the latter, the roles often relate to these athletes’ field of expertise, combat.

Felice Herrig makes her acting debut in the upcoming Drama, Thriller, Cold. Herrig stands as the current #12 ranked in the UFC Female Strawweight division. She also competed in TUF Season 20 Strawweight tournament. In Cold, Herrig stars as Keeta Gregory, a central figure in the narrative. The character is one of two female truck drivers gone missing after a routine delivery.

Genre film distributor Breaking Glass Pictures acquired North American rights to Cold. Rob Hawk Directed and wrote the film. Hawk’s film marks the third MMA-themed project with Breaking Glass Pictures. Although provided this fact, it is doubtful Cold features any fight combat sequences. According to the press release, a VOD and DVD release window for Cold is set for June 2017. Rob Hawk Felice Herrig Breaking Glass Pictures Cold

A trailer and production stills will become available soon. Tune into DecayMag for more information on Cold as it develops.

Provided below are quotes provided in the press release;

“Cold is the type of movie audiences will walk away from and hopefully learn a lesson about life….”

”…It will make them appreciate your family and friends, and to value the people in your life, and hopefully, you’ll be able to laugh or cry or just enjoy it as the great story with memorable characters that it is.”

“It was a pleasure to get to work with UFC fighter Felice Herrig, who gave us an amazing acting debut performance….”

“….It was like she’d been acting her entire life.”

Rob Hawk Cold writer/director

“After the successful release of Rob Hawk’s last film, Fight Valley, we are honored to license Cold starring UFC superstar Felice Herrig….”

“….She brings life to this poignant story, which has one of the strongest emotional endings I’ve seen in a long time.”

Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass


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