Conjuring 2 Offers Typical Frights With Drama

Conjuring 2 Film Details

Director: James James Wan The Conjuring 2


Carey Hayes(screenplay)

James Wan(screenplay)

David Leslie Johnson(screenplay)

Release Date: 10 June 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Cinemas

MPAA Rating: R

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror


Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

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Overview: James Wan The Conjuring 2Director James Wan returns to Horror after a brief stint with the Action-Adventure genre. Wan’s entry is the sequel to the 2013 Supernatural Horror “The Conjuring “. This next installment has a base on actual events. The infamous “Enfield Poltergeist” captured media attention in the late seventies. Accounts of paranormal activity plagued a family of five in the quaint town of Enfield.

Unfamiliar to the backstory? For those interested, the BBC released a mini-series in 2015 titled “The Enfield Haunting”. “The Conjuring  2” is not a documentary. The film is a overdramatized interpretation on events that befell The Hodgson family. Woven into the storyline is a work of invention. The narrative shifts between Ed and Lorraine Warren and participation on The Enfield case.

Pros: James Wan The Conjuring 2James Wan presented a spectacular display of cinematography. The subtle close-ups in certain scenes built tension with effectiveness. Yet, the overuse of this technique throughout the film depressed its intended goal.

The re-creation of the seventies aesthetic was phenomenal. The production team took consideration into mirroring scenes based on real settings. Characters and events from the actual Enfield poltergeist case were also presented. This includes the theory that The Hodgson family executed a hoax. Impressive!

The portrayals were above satisfactory. Performances were not overexaggerated neither underdeveloped. Audiences will enjoy the on-screen presentations offered from the veteran actors. Also, the child actors were genuine in their given roles.

The crooked man a creature many believe to be a dreadful CGI end product is actor Javier Botet. The performance lacked scare factor for its humorous animation. Yet, Botet fools the viewer believing his portrayal to be of computer generated origin.  Director James Wan explains The Crooked Man character in a recent interview with


“The Conjuring 2” offers a good haunted house tale. Yet, the film fails on delivering scares, narrative, and originality. Here is the breakdown:

The element of surprise is the typical jump scare set-up. The tension mounts with music rising in crescendo. Heart-racing thrills become stimulated with choreographed transitions. The moment leads up to an all too familiar fright. Who falls victim to this nonsense? The result succeeds with some members of the audience. A generation unrefined in Horror cinema. Such was the case in our screening experience. James Wan The Conjuring 2The narrative centers on Lorraine Warren’s conflict against a sinister manifestation of a nun. The entity’s name is Valak. (In demonology the actual name of the demon is Valac.)

Valak’s attack on Lorraine begins within Act I. The setting occurs within the backdrop to the Amityville Horror home. Yet, the history between Valak and Lorraine extends from “The Conjuring 1”.  

The audience expects to believe this demon somehow takes an intercontinental flight into England. There it affixes itself to a random family in a design of revenge against The Warrens. Contrary to popular beliefs, the antagonist is a comical looking being. There is nothing frightening with this abomination. The demon bears a striking resemblance to rocker; Marilyn Manson. Hilarious!

The narrative is nothing worthy of surprise. While the story is entertaining, the structure itself treks into familiar territory. This is a lackluster screenplay that applies pre-existing jump scare tactics. Several members of the audience actually went dormant during the screening. A chorus of snoring played during the afternoon presentation.

In closing:

“The Conjuring 2” is a classic haunted house story narrative. The film offers elements many would consider “creepy”. The word bests summarize the film. A horrific render of actual events “The Conjuring 2″ is not. Jame Wan also does not venture into providing a documentary of the Enfiled Haunting. Wan’s new contribution to Horror is for entertainment purposes only.

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