Aliens vs Nuns Lands on Kickstarter,  

Aliens vs Nuns Crowdfunding Marc Hamill Aliens vs Nuns (Original Title Alien Convent)

Director: Marc Hamill 

Writer:  Marc Hamill

Medium: Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Project Overview:

Aliens Vs Nuns tells the story of an ancient power which has lay hidden for thousands of years. Inspired by William Blake’s Poem and England’s unofficial national anthem – “And did those feet in ancient times” – the film pieces together the reasons behind Jesus’s mysterious visit to the British Islands when he was a teenager and it’s consequences.



A few months back DecayMag conducted an exclusive interview with Marc Hamill. At the time Hamill was promoting Toxic Apocalypse. During the interview, Hamill provided some insight on his upcoming project Alien Convent. Fast-forward to the present and now there’s news on this upcoming indie Sci-Fi.

First, as we can see there is the obvious name change. This of course was foreseen, the title similar to an upcoming major film franchise. Aliens vs Nuns is the new title and based on the summary the film will offer some intriguing aspects.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Hours ago a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched for Hamill’s next film. The goal is set for four thousand three hundred thirty-nine dollars. From the time of this published report, fifteen days remain before the campaign ends.

Funds will go towards different levels of post and pre-production. Supplies for sets, prop design and locations are some of the areas monies will divide.

Aliens vs Nuns is the latest contribution to the upcoming “versus” themed concept. These films place historical figures or average persons against a terrifying horror antagonist. Over the years this new film concept has risen in popularity. Its must be the wackiness in the blending of two worlds. It could be the genre-defining element of these narratives. To sum, these ideas bring new life to typical movie monster films. Whether its zombies or in this case aliens audiences will see a good presentation.

Aliens vs Nuns is a production of Roasted Films and Gatling Gun Productions. Attached as the distributor is Cinema Epoch. The cast and Crew are also established. With the quality offered with Toxic Apocalypse Hamill’s next film is bound to be out of this world.

There is a slate of attractive rewards depending on contributions given. For more information visit the Aliens vs Nuns Kickstarter Campaign 


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