Basement, The. Supernatural Horror Seeks Post Funding

Basement, The. Crowdfunding Details

Director:  László Illés
Writer: László Illés (story)
Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

The super scary movie is about a group of international student, who end up in a horrific basement, after a huge house party. Officially the place is totally abandoned for decades, but for real: mysteries, supernatural freaks, blood and death awaits them. They try to escape at all costs, but it’s getting worse in every moment.


Crowdfunding campaigns have aided in the rise aspiring horror filmmakers. For Film visionary Laszlo Illes The Basement will mark hisIlles’ feature debut. Illes has set up a crowdfunding campaign to make his dream a cinematic reality.

Filming is now complete for The Basement. For the next phase, it is the costly and lengthy process of post-production. A crowdfunding campaign is now established to cover the many costs.

It is important to note that indie filmmakers are the defining force in Horror cinema. Hollywood is not churning anything creative or redefining. It is up o the film community to help in any way towards the development of upcoming Horror visions.

Laszlo Illes upcoming film is touted as an international indie co-production. Illes offers his experience in the Hungarian film industry. The cast is comprised of talents from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Hungary.

Laszlo Illes not only serves as the director to The Basement but also penned the script and serves producer. The film offers a timeless Horror cinematic formula. A group of teens gather at an event and succumb to supernatural forces. Vozo Zoltán Végh, László Illés The Basement

The Basement may not have a Hollywood budget but despite financial limitations, creativity will not be sacrificed. The production promises to be a high-quality independent horror movie.

For a glimpse of what Laszlo Illes and his team  offer take a moment to view the trailer embedded above.

Accrued funds will go into various aspect of post production. Below is the financial breakdown, statics are based from The Basement IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign;







Color Grading

Visual Effects

Opening and End Credits

Festival Entries & Traveling

The Basement Production Stills



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