Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger Seeks Funds For Gritty Pulp Film Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger 


Erik Franklin


Erik Franklin

Medium: Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Project Overview:

Tommy Bonello is a hitman for crime boss Topper Wyld. When Wyld orders an attack on his own bordello in order to start a mob war, Tommy and his twin brother Jack jump at the chance. However, when an innocent girl is killed in the crossfire, Tommy is tormented by supernatural visions and nightmares. Fearing for his sanity, Tommy renounces his violent ways and becomes a monk. However, Jack and Topper have other plans…


Revenge has a formidable position for Action oriented Horror films. Throughout the years films concentrated on this concept became distinguished cult classics. In 1986 Charlie Sheen portrayed an antagonistic entity driving a sports car. In 2007 Nicolas Cage delivered his unforgiving interpretation of a hellish motorcycle-riding antihero. Yet, it was the late Brandon Lee that expressed a riveting performance of an anguished soul our for retaliation.

Author Ron Fortier delivers an action-oriented revenge/paranormal theme in his novels, Brother Bones. Fortier establishes his approach against a 1930’s backdrop thus adding individuality to the composition.

A crowdfunding campaign launched earlier this month with hopes of funding a film adaptation based on Fortier’s narrative.

“I just wanted to do my own homage to such great gun-totting vigilantes like the Shadow and the Spider. Little did I realize he would become so popular with our readers. They are forever clamoring for more of his macabre adventures.”

Ron Fortier Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger Author

“There are so many vibrant, original characters that would be perfect for a cinematic adaption. Brother Bones has all that you could want in a story: exciting visuals, well-drawn characters, and each page is a cliff-hanger.”

Erik Franklin, co-founder of Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC


Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger will offer a nostalgic appeal with its pulp stylized protagonist.  A highlight for this film production is the target MPAA rating. Most films delivered in cinemas today have a PG-13 rating. The goal here for major studios are to target a wider audience with diluted visuals. Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger will have much welcome R rating. According to the crowdfunding page:

The “R” rating does not have the stigma that it once did, in fact many films today that have been critically and commercially successful carry the rating. Logan and Deadpool come to mind, where the content serves the narrative.

Some of the production talent attached to the Project are

Composer William T. Stromberg

Composer John Morgan

Joshua Tavena, Fabrication

Remy Leigh Blaustein, Practical Effects

Storm Cagle, 3D Environments

Rob Davis, Concept Artist

Fifty-eight (58) days remain to meet the goal of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). As of the date of this article, the crowdfunding campaign nears the two thousand dollar mark ($2,000). Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger is produced by the Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC. Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger 



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