Bubble Butt, Seeks Crowdfunding For Man-Eating Hole

Bubble Butt Crowdfunding Details DecayMag.com. Graham Cooper, TJ Magg. Bubble Butt

Director: Graham Cooper

Writer: Graham Cooper

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform: KickStarter

Project Overview

Bubble Butt is an absurdist thromedy (thriller/comedy. It’ll catch on.) about a 34-year-old momma’s boy named Brandon who, chances are, hasn’t done a sit-up since the womb. Out of the reach of his overbearing household, Brandon keeps a stash of pornography deep in the woods and visits the area regularly. Here he sheds off the constraints of being a person in society and can truly be himself.

During one of these visits, Brandon comes across an unconscious woman, hair stringy and covering her face, getting pulled slowly into a large hole in the ground. He tries to help but the hole is too strong so he runs off with the intention of never thinking about this moment ever again, a common practice for Brandon.

But the hole persists by devouring the stash of porn Brandon holds most dear, and he has no choice but to dive in himself and confront the very thing he wants left in the dusty crevices of his memory.


Bubble Butt Kickstarter campaign has begun. It has already raised $2,940 of its $4,000 goal. This is all or nothing. The project will only be funded if it reaches its goal. There are still 20 days left in the campaign. To support this project, visit Kickstarter and make a pledge today.

The team:

TJ Magg, Producer

Graham Cooper, Director, Writer

Issac Leggett, Writer, Producer, Audio Engineer

Jack Nitz, Cinematographer


The Bubble Butt team needs help with the costs of production, including props and special effects, and compensation for the cast and crew. Pledges range from $10 to $1,000. Contributing to the Associate Producer Credit will reap rewards such as

  • Associate Producer Credit
  • On Set Visit and Cameo

And much more.

The title Bubble Butt is an eye-catching title. I have always found titles such as these intriguing. It begs curiosity and suspicion. It probes the viewer to want to know everything about it.

  • What is a bubble butt?
  • Why is it called Bubble Butt? Is it pertaining to what I think its pertains to?

This, among many other questions.

Watching the introductory video, which can found on the Kickstarter page, the clip where the story character (Brandon) perhaps, looks like he is reaching into said hole in the ground. It looks like what appears to be the titular creature. If you catch my drift. The image that proceeds after that is even weirder and intriguing. Please watch the video for further explanation.

Next, to the title, the story plot is also appealing and sets the tone for a great Independent film. It will take place in a small, quiet town and neighborhood, which will be complementary for the film. The icing on the cake? This film is being made by a crew of industry personnel, who all have prior experience. This means it’s not just an amateur film being produced by an amateur crew that will reap amateur results.


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