Calculating Euphoria, Leomark Studios’ Horror Production Crowdfunding Goal Ends

Calculating Euphoria: Crowdfunding Details Richard Marks, Don Bapst, Leomarks Studios. Calculating Euphoria

Director: Richard Marks

Writer: Don Bapst

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform: IndieGogo

Project Overview

Two best friends on a cross-country road trip challenge each other to think of The Best Horror Movie Ever. But by the time they get to Hollywood, nobody’s sure where the movie-in-a-movie ends and the terror begins.


Calculating Euphoria is in the beginning stages of production. The Horror film will mark Leomark Studios’ debut feature that will be solely produced. Producing is Pamela M. Staton.

The cast stars

Zach Tinker

James Nitti


The IndieGogo campaign for Calculating Euphoria has ended on May 14, 2017. A funding goal was set for $30,000. The production only received $11,685 from supporters. This was not enough to continue with the crowdfunding campaign. The bright news is that this was a flexible goal, so the crew has not given up on getting the film to the big screen. They, the production team, have a great team behind them, so the chances of production continuing are high.

The synopsis for Calculating Euphoria sounds like a Comedy, Horror, Thriller. Not much is summed from the synopsis alone, but it has a potential story. I am interested in learning about this terror it brings about. So much is up to question here. Likewise, this can go several different ways.

Leomark Studios have a big presence in the film distribution scene. Productions include documentaries and lifestyle show productions and co-producing movies. They have also co-created MovieMaze, the world’s first Interactive Movie App for mobile devices.

Some of their projects include Pyshcos, Asylum of Darkness, and The Book of Life.

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“The beauty of this script is that we can make it on a tiny budget because it’s all about the characters and the acting…”

“…This is the ideal project for Leomark. It lets us showcase the great quality we can produce with passion, limited funds and a talented team. That’s the heart and soul of indie filmmaking for us. And that’s why crowdfunding is a perfect fit: It’s all about the community supporting the arts.”

Leomark co-founder Maria Collis.

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Leomark Studios



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