Chaos A.D. Crowdfunding Campaign

Chaos A.D.: Chris Woods Newest Sleaze Box Film Chris Woods' Chaos A.D.

Director: Chris Woods

Crowdfunding platform: Indiegogo

Target goal: $2,000 (Flexible Goal)

Writer: Chris Woods

Release Date: TBA


The Sleaze Box proudly presents it’s latest film, CHAOS A.D. On Halloween night, we follow a troublesome brother and sister, an abused wife, and a sleazy politician who all get kidnapped by a villainous group called F.R.E.A.K.

The group is mostly made up of women who terrorize their captives all Halloween night. Will the captives rise up and take down the evil group or will they fall to their doom? You will also be introduced to the new face of horror and her name is MISERY!

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Overview Chris Woods' Chaos A.D.Chaos A.D. is currently in production, and the crowdfunding campaign has begun. It’s currently made $322 of its $2,000 goal, and 2 months of the campaign remains. Chris Woods, owner of The Sleaze Box, and director of Amerikan Holokaust and Naughty Dirty Nasty brings us the latest in his sleaze, exploitation horror collection.

Woods’ film will pay homage to classic slashers, such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees. The film will feature a classic, unique storyline, a strong female cast, and lots of gore.

Chaos A.D. is done with pre-production and gearing up for post-production. That’s where the help of supporters come in. The contributions you donate towards the project will go towards post-production costs.

The pledges and perks for those who choose to donate and support Chaos A.D. range from $10, which you will get a special limited edition poster, sticker, and button, to $300, where you will get a set that includes Misery’s mask, and the DVD and VHS.

There are a special featured pledge and perk, where if you donate $25, you will get all the perks from the $10 pledge, but the neat thing is you also get the Chaos A.D. limited edition DVD.

To learn more and to support Chaos A.D., visit the Crowdfunding Site on Indiegogo.


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